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What does Evel Knievel, Bart Simpson & Ocean City, MD Have In Common?

RAMPS. In roughly two weeks the Ocean City beaches will be full of these things. Concrete ramps, wooden ramps, steel ramps, vert ramps, kicker ramps, spine ramps, natural moving water ramps (waves) and every other kinda ramp in between. We can rest assure that Evel Knievel will be smiling down on Ocean City during Dew Tour weekend. No, Evel didn’t invent the ramp, or the wheel, but he was the first to cast the spell of RADICAL upon these simple machines. What he did was true magic and kids caught on. Fast forward 40 years to modern day skateboarding, bmxing, surfing, etc… and its the same idea applied - have ramp, get radical. Sure, there’s a lot more flipping & spinning and fancy grabs involved but when it’s all said and done it comes down to getting rad on a ramp, period. But a ramp is nothing without a daredevil and his maneuvers. Take for instance the oversized Dew Tour ‘pool’ that skate legend Chris Miller designed and skatepark builders Spohn Ranch constructed. The deep end is a good 13 feet deep! Nearly two stories tall! Now factor in a thin piece of pine wood, 4 urethane wheels and the lunatics that race around this ‘pool.’ With spectacular overhead airs and graceful coping dances that resemble kung fu masters doing ballet (or is it ballet dancers doing kung fu?) propelled by nothing but their own will to defy gravity. And a lot of these guys have no pads or helmets! Confused? Intrigued? Bart Simpson summed it up nicely by once saying ‘Bones heal, chicks dig scars, and the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world.’

Plane Ocean City

Red Bull Helicopter going inverted during the air show.

As in there will be planes in Ocean City.  June 8th through the 9th, Ocean City will be looking to the skies in awe as the 6th annual Air Show transcends.  There is nothing plain about this event with the nations top civilian performers demonstrating flight formations and cutting edge jet technology, this event is anything but for the birds!  The show is free and visible to those in close proximity to the boardwalk. Those seeking a more birds eye view, the Drop Zone and the Club Chalet offer premium viewing. At the Quality Inn 17th St., VIP tickets can be purchased for a panoramic view.  This highly anticipated air show is only two days and Ocean City is happy to celebrate another year.

Do not be down the Air Show is near and is capable of cheering anyone up, so bring those high spirits to celebrate another spectacular event in the never plain Ocean City.


Cruisin’ into Summer

Cruisin the Ocean City Maryland Boardwalk

The transition into summer always feels the lengthiest.  As an Ocean City-zen, some indicators that summer is nearly here are all around; the influx of people, the option to go to more than one restaurant, the weather…the recent thunder storms. . .oh wait that’s not thunder!? It’s Cruisin’ Ocean City week!  The roar of the cars cruisin’ may fool a small child but not you. As an intelligent Ocean City frequenter you know this is the time of year when coastal highway is taken over by the sound of revving engines.  From May 16-19 take a trip down memory lane, watch as cars dating back to the 50’s smoke modern go-cart technology (no offense smart cars).  This year’s event is completely booked.  There is going to be plenty of car candy to eye.  Since some of these cars may zoom by too fast while you’re hooting along coastal highway in your Sunsations beach recliner, don’t fret, the convention center and $10 will allow you to stare at that speedy hot rod all day!  Once you’ve moseyed around the convention center and mentally rated and chose the best vehicle, hop in your own ride and share this opinion with Mountain Man from A&E’s Duck Dynasty.  The inlet is where you will find him signing autographs, so make sure to bring something to sign, paper, thrashers bucket, a baby.  This event is not one to miss, help us bring in summer, Ocean City is just a drive away, and once you’re here you can cruise.

Ocean City History: The Ocean Bowl

Here in Ocean City, MD there’s quite a bit of living history. You can enjoy many of the same things today, that people enjoyed 50 and even 100 years ago. Trimper’s Carousel, Fisher’s Popcorn and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean are just a few that come to mind. One that might not come to mind on first thought, but is very much a part of Ocean City’s history, is the town’s skatepark. THE OCEAN BOWL. The Ocean Bowl’s roots run deep down on 3rd street, so deep, that it is, in fact, the oldest Municipal Skatepark in the world!

Back in the 70’s, skateboarding was becoming increasingly popular. Being a surf town and considering the close relationship that surfing and skating share, skateboarding caught on quick here. Naturally, surfers would look to skateboarding when the winds blew the surf out. With the rise in popularity, and to the dismay of many of the public, city officials banned skateboarding in Ocean City. Many skateboarding supporters, led by legendary concerned mom Haystack Marlowe, attended the next council meeting pleading their case for a legal place to skate. Thus the idea of the Ocean Bowl was born and, with many thanks to the originators, in 1976 the park opened.

The Festival of Spring

Springfest in Ocean City, Maryland

Or as the locals like to call it, “Spring fest”.  The multicolored banners spanning from Salisbury to Ocean City are a constant reminder that Springfest is coming “4 day event” “May 2-5” and it’s time to celebrate.  This reminder is convenient because with the bipolar weather, one often forgets Spring is here.  This Springfest, forgive Spring for being such a tease.  Indulge the senses with salty sea air and salty treats.  There will be many a vendor to explore.  Refresh those memories of Summer in OC and park on some random street to walk (or skate!!) to the inlet, where the event will be held.  Challenge a friend to race up the rock climbing wall, petrify your child and send them into the moon bounce, eat everything and then get in the moon bounce yourself!  Spring is about new experiences and starting anew.  Spring has already made a mistake by not being Summer, and Spring is not over, try something new! 

Come One, Come All, Come Bike, Come Trike

third annual bikes to the beach in ocean city maryland

The invention of the wheel is a pretty significant milestone for mankind and the weekend of April 25th-28th we celebrate the minds that ventured outside the box.  Bikes to the Beach endorses life on the road and American ingenuity.  This is the third annual event and in the past it has proven to be a lively and loud showcasing of man and machinery.  Bikes to the Beach will be held at Hoopers Crab House, located in west Ocean City. Exiting from 50 to the 90 bridge, will allow plenty of coastal highway to express what it means to be American.  Participants not only have the opportunity to deafen Ocean City locals but can also enter to win prizes.  Contestants are offered pre-registration in a select variety of different bike categories. The grand prize is a all expense paid vacation for Bikes to the Beach Fall rally, by then we locals will have regained our hearing..it should be like riding a bike.

Jim Hudson Didn’t Invent Tomato Juice, He Just Perfected It!

Who doesn’t like a delicious ripened tomato grown in your own backyard? Sounds good, and there are so many ways to enjoy these summertime treats. Perhaps you’d like to slice it up and place it between two warm slices of toast with a little bit of mayo? A classic Eastern Shore ‘mater sammich.’ This is how self proclaimed ‘tomato nut’ Jim Hudson most enjoys a delicious ripe tomato. It would be wise to trust his seasoned tomato taste, as owner of Luke’s Premier Foods his company is the only one to produce tomato juice not from concentrate. He is also the only producer of a clear tomato juice which he calls ‘Tomato Nectar.’ “Not only does it taste great as a drink, it’s also great for cooking because you get all the flavor of a ripened tomato without the pasty consistency,” says Jim. On top of all that Luke’s Premier Foods uses only locally grown heirloom tomatoes grown right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!

We here at the Harrison Group & ocmdhotels take great pride with our welcoming hotels and restaurants that offer great food with unique dining experiences. We use Jim’s delicious homegrown juices at our restaurants to bring flavor to our dishes that is unique to Ocean City, MD. When dining in our restaurants you truly are experiencing the Eastern Shore, along with all it’s flavors, and we are proud to have Jim be part of that.

Here Comes the Bride-al Show

Have an amazing wedding on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland

Memorial Day is just around the corner, so why not have those white dresses picked out?  This April 14th from 1-4pm, join an array of wedding vendors as they showcase this year’s upcoming bridal fashions.  Whether you are a blushing bride, bride to be, or just enjoy blush wine, this bridal show has much to offer. If fashion has not got you excited, there will also be live music and prizes, which include a free Caribbean Cruise for two!  For the brides, if you have already exhausted all your friends and family with the “subtle” engagement ring showing, this event gives you the opportunity to annoy a whole new slew of people, just like yourselves! For the grooms that will attend, the event will be held at Seacrets you know that’s a bar.. right? This event is the opportunity to meet other future Mr.  & Mrs. (or any variety of future newlyweds!!), plan the special day, enjoy the lively atmosphere that is Seacrets and spend time with the special someone all in the name of love.

Itching to get hitched or if the bridal show did not slake your hunger for all things wedding, check out the Special Occasion page or call 1-800-399-6820.  Find out if an Ocean City wedding is for you.  With many locations to choose from, such as Harbor Watch Restaurant , you’ll want to get married.

Spring Is On The Way

As winter fades and spring comes more and more into the picture there seems to be a common theme around here in Ocean City. GOOD RIDDANCE! Good riddance to the cold, the ice, the snow, the early nights and spending money on heating bills! Who likes spending money on heating bills!? Ain’t nobody got time for that. But! There is hope, believe it or not, even though its snowing outside right this minute, there is hope! SPRING! Ahh, glorious Spring. All the great poets write about it and use words like; sweet, melody, blossom, bright and even cuckoo! All kinds of pleasant words that you wouldn’t normally hear during Winter. Use the word cuckoo during a Winter month and you might get locked up. Ain’t nobody got time for that either.

Not only is the Atlantic and it’s beaches such a beautiful sight all year round, it is especially beautiful during the spring months. The greens and blues of the water reflecting the bright blue sky that sits above it, the sands of the beach being warmed by the sun a little more each day makes Spring in OC great. Spring also brings plenty to do on the shore with the Easter Art & Craft Fair March 29-30, The International Kite Exposition & The Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition April 26-28 and Springfest May 2-5. Spring is certainly a wonderful time to visit Ocean City, Maryland.

Luck of the Irish

St Patricks Day in Ocean City Maryland

Are *YOU* Feeling Lucky!?

Ocean City, Maryland is host to one of the greatest St. Patrick’s Day Parades around!  If you have never been, you are truly missing out on one of the best weekends OC has to offer. Our parade includes marching units, floats, and local celebrities. The parade begins at noon on Saturday March 16th, 2013 and travels along Coastal Highway from 59th Street to 45th Street in the Southbound lane. The fun continues at the 45th Street shopping area with a fun festival, food and beverages!

The Contest

The Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites is looking for your *BEST* St. Patrick’s Day Costume!  We will be giving away a free 2 night stay on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend at The Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites on 17th Street in OCMD along with other assorted gift cards and prizes!!

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