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Rain Rain Go Away…

Lifesaving Station

…come again another day!!! We can’t always stop the rain, but we can provide you with plenty to do! For those of us who might find ourselves in Ocean City, MD on not the most beautiful days, this list is for you!

We’ll be keeping this list updated, so if if you have any suggestions please let us know!

Who are the OC Insiders - Meet Bill!


Each and every summer day in Ocean City, Maryland memories are created and stored in the brains of thousands of our out-of-town visitors. Once those visitors all trickle back to their own respective homes and get settled back into their normal life routines, they sometimes stop and wish they could relive that OC memory created a few weeks ago - or even a few years ago! Sometimes it's the smell of apple cider vinegar that triggers your senses into thinking you're about to eat a Thrasher’s French Fry. Sometimes it's the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, the distant sound of the fog horn or even the sound of the Route 50 drawbridge opening that can trick your senses into thinking you’re actually IN Ocean City! I know you’re thinking, well if I’m hearing all those things, I must BE in Ocean City! Nope, think again!

It’s very possible to actually “feel” like you are in Ocean City, MD from the comfort of your own home. It’s truly the next best thing, thanks to our own OC Insider Bill! He has been visiting OCMD now for over 40 years and recorded his first “sound” of Ocean City back in 1974, it was of the old Jetty Beacon Foghorn. In the more recent years Bill has taken to recording sounds all over the city.

FREE Fun For Everyone in Ocean City

Concerts on the beach in Ocean City.

Planning your summer 2012 family trip to Ocean City Md is going to be an affordable vacation, especially when you arrive. Take a look at all the great, FREE activities that all ages can take advantage of!

Ocean City Boardwalk Project