Just like Snoop says, “It ain’t no fun if everyone can’t have none.”

That might not be a direct quote but what he means is that when we all come together and share, we’re a happier race, living in a happier place. There is a similar idea preached locally. United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore’s mission plainly states ‘To create and enhance opportunities for making a positive and lasting impact in Education, Financial Stability and Health for all.’ The Harrison Group is behind that mission 100 percent and for the past two years our restaurant division has partnered with them in an effort to give back to the community where we live. Our efforts of raising money was in conjunction with other Ocean City, Maryland restaurants in the form of a friendly competition. The challenge was to come up with a creative way of using food specials and menu items to see who could raise the most money for those that need it the most. Our fundraising campaign was dubbed the ‘HUGE Harrison Group Fundraiser’ and ten of our restaurants / bars were on board. We came up with drink ideas such as the Brilliant Peach Cocktail, the Beach Break Sunrise and, a personal favorite, the WOO WOO. $1 from each drink sold went to the United Way, and ultimately, back into our community.

Over the past two summers the Harrison Group Restaurant Division has raised the most overall and donated nearly $40,000 back into our community through the United Way LES.

In simple terms $40,000 Provides 5,714 hot and home delivered meals for Meals on Wheels. These are meals delivered to local seniors who are on a fixed budget, have minimal transportation and in a lot of cases, live alone.

On October 31st members of the Harrison Group Restaurant Division presented the United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore with a check for $23,500 from the summer of 2017’s program. From left to right is Jeb Vetock of Harrison’s Harbor Watch, Kevin Adams of The Atrium, Mark Mayers - General Manager and Corporate Chef of Harrison Group Restaurant Division, Kacey Decker - Special Projects Manager of the United Way LES, Scott Sudol of 32Palm and Tom Creveling of the Coral Reef Cafe. Restaurants involved but not pictured are the Caribbean Pool Bar, Hemingway’s Restaurant, Mañana Mode, the Original Pool Bar, The Deep End Pool Bar and Rumba’s Lounge.

“The Harrison Group Restaurants take great Pride in partnering with United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore in providing worthy support for so many local organizations and families in need. So much of our funds raised are put to work in our own communities. I am very proud of our restaurant teams efforts from the past 2 years in raising nearly $40,000.  We look forward to working hard again next year and are proud to continue our partnership efforts with United Way and serving the community we live in.” Says Mark Mayers, General Manager and Corporate Chef of Harrison Group Restaurant Division.

Thank you very much to all our patrons who contributed, the hard work of all of our restaurants and most importantly to the United Way LES for the opportunity to give back to those that need it the most. To learn how you can support our town please click HERE.

As a kid you want to fly. Then you grow up and, well, you still want to fly. We all want to fly. To defy gravity. To feel that weightlessness of flight and thrust ourselves towards the sky and to belong among the creatures that own it. Flight is bringing science, imagination and crazy together to create nothing short of magic. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… the Ocean City, Maryland Airshow! This weekend, if you’re in town, make sure to look to the sky, because there will be ...read more

Sunfest 2014!

Well, i’m not really sure where Summer went and flew off to, but if you turn around, it’s still visible in the rearview. It’s not tailgating or drafting, but it’s still there hanging on for what looks like a few more weeks hopefully. Right now it’s honking at us and flashing it’s lights trying to grab our attention. What’s that you say summer of ’14? It’s Sunfest weekend!? Oh boy, hotdoggonit, it is Sunfest Weekend! Don’t worry everyone, summer time fun is still ...read more

This upcoming Monday, is, THE BIG ONE. Before the sun begins to peak it’s rays above the horizon, before the rooster crows or the hound howls, and most likely, even before your first cup of coffee, anglers will have set out from Harbour Island, Ocean City on an adventure. An adventure for treasure. For these adventurers, like it has been for many years, the treasure they seek lies beneath the sea. But it is not gold or relics of old, it’s the creatures that live within it. The White ...read more

RAMPS. In roughly two weeks the Ocean City beaches will be full of these things. Concrete ramps, wooden ramps, steel ramps, vert ramps, kicker ramps, spine ramps, natural moving water ramps (waves) and every other kinda ramp in between. We can rest assure that Evel Knievel will be smiling down on Ocean City during Dew Tour weekend. No, Evel didn’t invent the ramp, or the wheel, but he was the first to cast the spell of RADICAL upon these simple machines. What he did was true magic ...read more

Here in Ocean City, MD there’s quite a bit of living history. You can enjoy many of the same things today, that people enjoyed 50 and even 100 years ago. Trimper’s Carousel, Fisher’s Popcorn and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean are just a few that come to mind. One that might not come to mind on first thought, but is very much a part of Ocean City’s history, is the town’s skatepark. THE OCEAN BOWL. The Ocean Bowl’s roots run deep down on 3rd street, so deep, that it is, in fact, the ...read more

Who doesn’t like a delicious ripened tomato grown in your own backyard? Sounds good, and there are so many ways to enjoy these summertime treats. Perhaps you’d like to slice it up and place it between two warm slices of toast with a little bit of mayo? A classic Eastern Shore ‘mater sammich.’ This is how self proclaimed ‘tomato nut’ Jim Hudson most enjoys a delicious ripe tomato. It would be wise to trust his seasoned tomato taste, as owner of Luke’s Premier Foods his company is the ...read more

As winter fades and spring comes more and more into the picture there seems to be a common theme around here in Ocean City. GOOD RIDDANCE! Good riddance to the cold, the ice, the snow, the early nights and spending money on heating bills! Who likes spending money on heating bills!? Ain’t nobody got time for that. But! There is hope, believe it or not, even though its snowing outside right this minute, there is hope! SPRING! Ahh, glorious Spring. All the great poets write about it and ...read more

Wanted, Famous Families of the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites

WANTED: Famous Families of The Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites

REWARD: A complimentary stay, $50 Voucher to Hemmingways Restaurant, Coral Reef T-Shirt and 2 free drink vouchers

The Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites is looking for your BEST family photo. Kudos if you find a photo that is actually taken in Ocean City, Maryland at our hotel or the nearby Ocean City Boardwalk, but not mandatory. This contest is for our loyal guests, we want to give back to you for all the great things you give ...read more

Under Armour outlet at Ocean City outlet mall

With so many beach days spent in Ocean City, it's easy to find yourself needing an afternoon out of the sun and into the stores!

Ranging from high end fashions at South Moon Under in Ocean City on 81st street to the best of beach and surf essentials for the whole family at Quiet Storm on North Division street on the boardwalk, shopping in Ocean City is easy breezy.

The Tanger brand of outlet stores has relaunched itself at the West Ocean City outlet mall. They are sure to bring new ...read more

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