War Admiral Golf Course at Glenn Riddle

If you have not seen the historically documented movie Seabiscuit, or do not know the significance between Ocean City and the horse races then you do not understand how important Glen Riddle is to the surrounding area. Do not worry for there is still hope! As I sat down with Rob McDonald I was not expecting to get a history lesson on how famous Glen Riddle is.

McDonald has been the head pro at Glen Riddle for four years. In his prior years in the profession he has worked at courses in Miami and Baltimore. While speaking with him he explains why he believes the course cannot be compared to the other ones within the area.

“This is a unique property, and in my opinion the best one. I think the history to the place is excellent; the horse racing history is great.”
– Rob McDonald

The history to the course is rare in its passion and relativity to golf. McDonald elaborates by going on to say, “If you’ve seen the movie Seabiscuit you know that Seabiscuit raced War Admiral in that great race. War Admiral was a Triple Crown winner and the son of Man O’ War, who was considered the horse of the century back then. Both Man O’ War and War Admiral were housed on the property.” These beautiful creatures and their talents give the courses a level of quality that cannot be achieved artificially.

As we turned the conversation to focus more so on golf McDonald speaks of another unique quality the course has. He told me, “Typically on a 36 hole facility both courses replicate each other. Our courses are nothing alike. Man O’ War is your typical link style golf course, and is all Bermuda grass. That course is open to the public, whereas the other course is a parkland type of course, which will go private eventually.” Until they have filled all of their membership positions, War Admiral will remain open to the general public.

It goes without saying playing on the Eastern shore is different from playing on courses in the South or Midwest. An argument made on how the experience differs focused in on water breeze, wind and humidity; however, McDonald brings up the difference in elevation. He says, “More than anything down here, on the eastern shore compared to the western shore, there’s a difference in elevation. There’s a little more of the lowlands down here and golf is usually played on level ground. While we don’t have a lot of elevation changes, we do have rolling hills and fairways which will alter your stance and make you play a different shot.” These rolling hills are found to be helpful to golfers who are dealing with the ever-changing East coast weather.

One would assume that in order to play at such unique courses pricing would be very high. McDonald acknowledges that “Mr. Ruark has brought high quality prices to the Ocean City area, but we do have various packaging.” If you are looking into getting great golf packages, make sure to call Harrison Group Golf. It will be a decision you will never regret!

Tip of the Day: Enjoy yourself. Golf can be frustrating if you take it too seriously. You’re out in a beautiful place with your friends, you have to just enjoy yourself.

JJ from the Oceanic Fishing Pier next to the Oceanic Motel with the May 2012 fishing report for Ocean City Md. Catching Tautog and Flounder during the day and Shad and Blues in the evening.

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Loretta Lynn at Springfest in Ocean City Md

Country Music Legend Loretta Lynn, along with her band and daughter Patsy Lynn, performed at Ocean City Springfest last Friday.

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Photos on old pieces of boardwalk.

Last year Chris Maxa found himself taking a jog along the Ocean City Boardwalk in the cool fall air, like many OC Locals enjoy doing after a long day at work. However this jog ended in more than just a few calories burned, an idea was born!

While jogging past the newly laid planks at the beginning of the Boardwalk, Chris noticed the seemingly endless piles of old boards from the Boardwalk. The wheels in his head started turning and ideas were flowing. He came up with a brilliant, ...read more


Each and every summer day in Ocean City, Maryland memories are created and stored in the brains of thousands of our out-of-town visitors. Once those visitors all trickle back to their own respective homes and get settled back into their normal life routines, they sometimes stop and wish they could relive that OC memory created a few weeks ago - or even a few years ago! Sometimes it's the smell of apple cider vinegar that triggers your senses into thinking you're about to eat a ...read more

Concerts on the beach in Ocean City.

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Rum Pointe golf course

How much of an important element is Scott Cooper to Rum Pointe golf course? More importantly, is Rum Pointe made of rum? Unfortunately, it is not; however, Cooper is one of the more important factors to the course itself. The general manger, of six years, is not only one of the most knowledgeable managers of his course, but one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet.

The precision that went into the creation of the course exemplifies how this course is like no other. The course ...read more

Terry McGean, the City Engineer for the Town of Ocean City, gives us the inside scoop on the first phase of the Ocean City boardwalk project that finished up this week. Just in time for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!

The project finished 2 weeks ahead of schedule and under budget, which is always nice! The new boardwalk is a huge improvement. For updates check the Town on Ocean City’s Boardwalk Reconstruction Page.

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Cruisin OC on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Take those hard earned tax dollars and reward yourself with something that everyone can enjoy- a vacay!

Even if you are only getting a few dollars back, don't you think you deserve a little motivation to get through the next series of fiscal quarters? Don't you feel entitled to some off the cusp luxuries?! I do! I think a long weekend is in order!

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Marianne making memories in Ocean City Md.

I'd like to introduce you to Marianne. She stakes her claim in life as a “wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, teacher, friend, student, OC Insider, photographer, and artist.” Wait, did you catch that? Yep, you sure did! OC INSIDER, stuck right in the mix with wife, mother and friend. Every day I am amazed at the influence Ocean City Md has on a persons heart and soul!

I looked up the word tourist in the thesaurus, because I dislike the way that sounds when ...read more

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