Each and every summer day in Ocean City, Maryland memories are created and stored in the brains of thousands of our out-of-town visitors. Once those visitors all trickle back to their own respective homes and get settled back into their normal life routines, they sometimes stop and wish they could relive that OC memory created a few weeks ago - or even a few years ago! Sometimes it's the smell of apple cider vinegar that triggers your senses into thinking you're about to eat a Thrasher’s French Fry. Sometimes it's the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, the distant sound of the fog horn or even the sound of the Route 50 drawbridge opening that can trick your senses into thinking you’re actually IN Ocean City! I know you’re thinking, well if I’m hearing all those things, I must BE in Ocean City! Nope, think again!

It’s very possible to actually “feel” like you are in Ocean City, MD from the comfort of your own home. It’s truly the next best thing, thanks to our own OC Insider Bill! He has been visiting OCMD now for over 40 years and recorded his first “sound” of Ocean City back in 1974, it was of the old Jetty Beacon Foghorn. In the more recent years Bill has taken to recording sounds all over the city.

An afternoon at Seacrets with reggae music, excited chatter and the sound of drinks being poured (and drank) in the background.  How about a day at Trimper’s Amusement park and a scary ride through Boardwalks own Haunted House!  The staple sounds of Ocean City’s seagulls, as well as The Atlantic Ocean are also included in his mix.  All of these tracks came together to form “The Sounds of Ocean City, MD” which is a souvenir cd you can purchase through Bill’s webpage.

Bill has more up his sleeve than just recording the sounds of our beloved island.  He hopes one day that when all the stars and planets align in his life that he will be able to start his own deli and move to Ocean Pines, MD.  It’s close enough to Ocean City, but far enough if you want to escape.  The views of the OC skyline from Ocean Pines are IDEAL for the island lover that Bill truly is.  He said “It just screams home to me!”  Bill is “looking forward to opening a real Philadelphia style deli in OC”, but for now just content paying as many visits to Ocean City as he can each year!

I decided that an important question to ask our OC Insider was about his favorite part of the city.

“18th Street area will always be my lifetime favorite because that’s where I grew up so to speak.  As I’ve grown older, I love the fact that I can be in the area and not have to be in OC proper. Essentially, you can escape over the 50 or 90 bridge and get out of the circus, yet still have the sense of being at the seashore with some peace and quiet!!!!!”

– Bill, OC Insider

Bill elaborated on his love for West Ocean City, an amazing little part of town that seems to be rather unexplored by all the OC Visitors each year.  Bill prides himself on being a member of the Ocean City Marlin Club, which he said “endeavors to create an interest in OCMD’s sport fishing and promotes the conservation of the sea and her creatures.”  The Marlin Club is tucked away in the commercial harbor on Golf Course Road and is a private club you must apply and be accepted for. 

A hop skip and a jump away is Harborside Bar and Grille where you can stop in for a fresh squeezed Orange Crush and sit back and enjoy the tunes of a few local OC musicians!  Harborside is situated right on the harbor and and shares it’s views with all the commercial fishing boats sitting at dock.  Bill said to stop in for, “great happy hour, entertainment and food.  It’s tucked away from the craziness during the summer” for an enjoyable afternoon!

I asked Bill who some of his favorite Ocean City musicians were, since music and sound seem to be a major part of his life as well!  He told me, “I really enjoy Full Circle, Kevin Poole, John LaMere, Christopher Button.  I am long time friends with DJ Batman. I love Ocean 98 and listen to the station everyday.  When I’m in town, he’ll have me on air with him either on his Saturday or Sunday version of the Hair of the Dog Show. I really look forward to that as I was on the radio as a DJ and a club DJ as well back in the mid-late 80s.”


Bill, OC Insider

So next time you’re in town, make sure to remember all the OC Insider advice from Bill.  Roll the windows down and head west across the Route 50 bridge while jamming to 98.1 IRIE radio.  Make the left turn down Golf Course Road and check out Harborside Bar and Grill, Sunset Grille, The Shark, Crab Alley or even Captain’s Galley.  The harbor is loaded with history and delicious places to eat!  Not to mention always check out Harbor Day at the Docks which is a great event geared towards teaching you the tradition of fishing, techniques for cooking your fresh catches and fun children’s activities! 

If you can’t make it into town fast enough, I suggest you grab your own copy of The Sounds of Ocean City, Md and keep those memories fresh!

You can find Bill on the OC Insiders - Ask an Expert section of the official Ocean City webpage.  Not to mention you can stop into his Sounds of Ocean City Facebook page and I am sure he would LOVE to answer any questions you may have about your next visit to Ocean City, Maryland! 

And of course you can find Meaghan on the Holiday Inn Suites Facebook page.

Concerts on the beach in Ocean City.

Planning your summer 2012 family trip to Ocean City Md is going to be an affordable vacation, especially when you arrive. Take a look at all the great, FREE activities that all ages can take advantage of!

Rum Pointe golf course

How much of an important element is Scott Cooper to Rum Pointe golf course? More importantly, is Rum Pointe made of rum? Unfortunately, it is not; however, Cooper is one of the more important factors to the course itself. The general manger, of six years, is not only one of the most knowledgeable managers of his course, but one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet.

The precision that went into the creation of the course exemplifies how this course is like no other. The course more

Terry McGean, the City Engineer for the Town of Ocean City, gives us the inside scoop on the first phase of the Ocean City boardwalk project that finished up this week. Just in time for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!

The project finished 2 weeks ahead of schedule and under budget, which is always nice! The new boardwalk is a huge improvement. For updates check the Town on Ocean City’s Boardwalk Reconstruction Page.

“Before the boardwalk was more like a bridge. Now the more

Cruisin OC on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Take those hard earned tax dollars and reward yourself with something that everyone can enjoy- a vacay!

Even if you are only getting a few dollars back, don't you think you deserve a little motivation to get through the next series of fiscal quarters? Don't you feel entitled to some off the cusp luxuries?! I do! I think a long weekend is in order!

Whether you are looking for a family adventure or a romantic getaway to set the mood, Ocean City this Spring is the most ideal location. more

Marianne making memories in Ocean City Md.

I'd like to introduce you to Marianne. She stakes her claim in life as a “wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, teacher, friend, student, OC Insider, photographer, and artist.” Wait, did you catch that? Yep, you sure did! OC INSIDER, stuck right in the mix with wife, mother and friend. Every day I am amazed at the influence Ocean City Md has on a persons heart and soul!

I looked up the word tourist in the thesaurus, because I dislike the way that sounds when more


Calling all baby sitters, we have a job for you! Five “OC Mammas” are going to be dusting off their running shoes to join together in participation of the FIRST ever 2012 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Ocean City, MD. Together these local Mom's are looking to raise $2,000 for their team goal! Decked out in their matching team shirts they will be walking in honor of many special people.

The goal is not only to raise the $2,000. They also are looking to celebrate the lives more

Come one come all to the best Ravens Tailgate of all!

You don't have to wait till September to show your pride for the Baltimore Ravens. From May 31 - June 3, Ocean City with be overflowing with purple for the first ever Ravens Beach Bash. In the past this has been primarily a Ravens Roost convention but this year will be open to the public and will include a ton of special events including a bonfire on the beach, beach games, parties all over town, a parade and more.

See the more

Darlene at the inlet near the Oceanic Motel

When planning your trip to Ocean City, MD it seems that everyone and their brother has an opinion about which event is best to check out, what hotel you should rest your head in, or where you should grab your Happy Hour drink. However, one thing many of you may not have heard about is an amazing group of individuals who can say without a doubt that they are the experts on Ocean City, MD. Who is this group you may ask?! None other than our own OC Insiders!

Last year a friendly more

Springfest in Ocean City

Can you believe it?! SpringFest in Ocean City has been displaying crafty goodness, feeding people with some of the best festival food this side of the East Coast and rocking those music tents for TWENTY TWO YEARS!

If you have been living under a rock the past 22 years and don’t know what I’m talking about- then this is the year for you! May 3-6th the festival will kick off with the Fabulous Hubcaps. Their high-energy tribute music is one of the most popular bands in the Tri-State more

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