As we reach the midpoint of another exciting and beautiful summer here, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our unique hotel amenities available to everyone staying in season at our various oceanfront hotels throughout town, especially if you’re still thinking about booking for August! Of course, when you vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, you’re already surrounded by endless things to do. But what if you got more out of your stay? And for FREE? If you don’t already know about our full schedule of summer activities, let me give you the full rundown! 

Swim with Mermaids & Storytelling

First of all, let’s talk about these majestic mermaids who visit us. What kid doesn’t want to swim with mermaids? Twice a week at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront, the Hilton Suites Oceanfront, and the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, your kids have an opportunity to meet real-life mermaids! Located at their respective outdoor pools and activity pools, children can get their faces painted, hear past tales about the mermaids’ time in the ocean, get shells and bracelets, and have the chance to swim around with them! If the pools are closed due to inclement weather, no problem, the mermaids will relocate to the indoor pool. So come get your tails wet and make some mermaid friends!

Cascading Carlos the Fire Juggler

It wouldn’t be an OCMD getaway without seeing the amazing Cascading Carlos, guaranteed to delight the whole family. Watch as Carlos, with casual ease and grace, juggles bowling pins, swords, and who knows what else— all of which are usually on fire, by the way— and you get to sit back in amazement and awe! Kids and adults alike will get a thrill from the antics of Carlos as he performs his juggling and plate spinning skills, all the while balancing on a board and barrel beneath his feet. To make it even more engaging, children get the opportunity to participate along with him! (Minus the fire). Got an upcoming stay at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront? Carlos is at the tennis courts on Sundays and Thursdays beginning at 10 am! You can also find him twice a week at the Hilton and the DoubleTree Oceanfront!

(Fun fact: Did you know Cascading Carlos set a Guinness Book World Record at our very own Holiday Inn Oceanfront? In the summer of 2015, Carlos officially became the record title holder of Highest Diabolo Throw!

Clown Camp with Lollipop the Clown

Down to clown? Join Lollipop the Clown and her bunny, Pinky Rose, for some arts and crafts! Kids get a fun chance at learning close-up magic tricks as well as themed activities that alternate daily, such as bead jewelry making and creating pirate hats! Also, upon finishing their projects, Lollipop will present the kids with prizes to commemorate their hard work! See Lollipop and Pinky Rose at the outdoor pool on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront.

Arts & Crafts with Miss Krys

Let your kids unleash their creativity with Miss Krys every Monday and Friday at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, the perfect way to unwind at 4pm after a fun-filled beach day. Take a piece of your vacation home to live with you forever, with shells and beach sand in a jar, and completed paper crafts the kids will be proud of!

Ray’s Hair Wraps

Then there’s Ray’s Hair Wraps! Ray has provided the best hair wraps in Ocean City since 1992, offering a wide selection of bright, vibrant colors! They cost $3 per inch, and everyone loves them! Hair wrapping sessions take place at the activity pool at the Holiday Inn Suites and take about 10 to 20 minutes per person, but Ray offers a sign-up sheet so the family can go play on the water slides until it is their turn!

Meet Princess Elsa (and friends!)

Thinking about planning a family stay at the newly renovated Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites? Then there’s a good chance you and the family could run into Princess Elsa and Princess Jasmine! Oh yeah, and Moana has been known to visit as well! Every Thursday between 10 and 11 am, the princesses will be out by the children’s activity pool to take pictures, hand out magic wands, and interact with the kids! 

Summer 2022 is alive and thriving!

From the exceptional locations on the beach, boardwalk, and in the heart of Ocean City, MD, to the array of modern amenities and ongoing activities, there’s no wrong way to vacation in OCMD, where you’re almost guaranteed a lifetime of great moments to remember.

If you’ve vacationed this summer or have a trip coming up, we would love to see some of the memories you’ve made! Feel free to share your favorite OCMD Hotel memories with us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


cascading carlos at the doubletree
mermaids at the holiday inn suites
cascading carlos at the holiday inn oceanfront


Berlin Christmas Tree

If you ever wondered what it would be like to live out your favorite small-town holiday movie, then you must add Berlin, MD to your list of places to discover in the month of December. Voted “America’s Coolest Small Town,” Berlin embraces a historic charm that will create a divine holiday experience. Walk through a community of welcoming, locally-owned shops and businesses, whimsical lights, music to lift your spirits, eccentric arts, and so much more to enlighten your holiday more

Fall Leaf Cozy Sweater Winter Water

As you step outside your door in the early morning, there is a familiar sensation that overcomes you. Leaves crinkle at your footstep, the evocative scent of a faint campfire and the feeling of a chill that brings you comfort. Aimless strolls on the beach are nothing but a solitary vacation to ease the mind. At that moment, Ocean City and its locals know that autumn season is no longer creeping, but fully in session and tends to stick around for a while.

Indulge in all the fall more

Campfire on the beach

September closes the door on the lively summer season Ocean City offers, but October rings in a solitary, blissful time of year known by the locals as ‘Second Season’. Where the soft sandy beaches are quiet and sweeping, Ocean City still ensures an experience during the Fall that will fulfill your need for a beach getaway. Relish in a refreshing dip in the sparkling cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the wide-open beaches that have been warming up all year for you. ‘Second more

Sand Sculpture

One whiff of that salty sea breeze, and all of a sudden, the warm days as a kid splashing around in the ocean and building sandcastles on the shore comes rushing back to you. There you are, filling up buckets with sand and running back and forth with water to aid in the creation of your masterpiece. Sculpting extravagant sandcastles is a childhood dream. How many towers could you build up? OH, and do not forget the mote!
But who says sandcastles are just for kids! Randy Hofman is a more

Planning your vacation to the beach has been a long time in the making. You’ve got the car packed, the playlist queued and you are ready to get a little Mud on the Tires out on the open road. Cruising into town, you smell the sweet aroma of the salty ocean breeze.

Vacation mode: Crushin’ It.

After soaking up the sun, Working on a Tan, it’s time to find your Southern Comfort Zone at the beach and create those special Little Moments you’ll never forget. Who’s ready to Start more

live laugh learn

Thinking of a fall vacation to OCMD? Please visit:

Maryland’s favorite beach destination, Ocean City, Maryland, is beginning to slow down from the busy summer season into the meandering warm days and crisp evenings that welcome late summertime and early Fall. It’s a wonderful time to wander the uncrowded beach in search of the perfect shell, go for a swim while the ocean waters are still at their warmest, or take a bike ride on the wide open 3-mile more

Fall in Ocean City, Maryland.

Take a good look at the above photo, the one of people enjoying the beach and ocean. The sun and the sand. That picture was taken in late October and those folks are doing the same things as they would in the summer just with more space to move around. If year’s past give us any indication, we are in for another beautiful Indian Summer. Indian Summer you ask, never heard of it? Simply the best way to describe it is ‘ahhhh.’  You would be surprised at the amount of opinions and more

Travelers love to travel, that’s why they do it. They also love a clean comfortable stay with their loved ones. It’s part of the whole travel experience. To be able to enjoy a region and it’s attractions while experiencing the comforts of home with the luxuries and wonder that a hotel property provides. And that includes everything from crisp pillow cases to an inviting lobby to a clean private oceanfront balcony to the accommodating in house restaurant to the manicured guarded more

With everyone spending more time at home we thought we’d share recipes from some of our restaurants most popular dishes. This week’s entry into the cookbook is from Marlin Moon’s Chef Gary Beach’s own sister’s recipe: ‘Sista’s Shrimp & Grits.’ We’re sensing a family theme here : )

Also in the cookbook is Harrison’s Harbor Watch’s Clams Casino, Gary Beach’s (of Marlin Moon) ‘Mom’s Shrimp’ and The Caribbean Pool Bar’s Banana Cabana (think rum). Please check back to catch all the more

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