Imagine giving up 55% of something that you’ve earned. Your paycheck, your house, your food, or anything else that you have worked hard to earn. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it happens every year with vacation time! In 2018, 55% of Americans left vacation time on the table. That adds up to 768 million vacation days unused with an average of $571 of donated work time per person. That’s time unused that could be spent with loved ones, on vacation exploring the world, or just being alone and away from it all. In today’s age we live hectic lives, both at work and at home, and it’s necessary to take some time in a new environment to reset, regroup, and relax! So, for National Plan a Vacation Day 2020, we want you to plan. Plan for yourself, plan for your family, plan for some relaxation and rejuvenation, and plan to have some fun!

As you read this you might be thinking to yourself that you’re one of the ones who don’t typically take vacation. You might feel you can’t because of the mountain of work you have to do, you might think that you’ll be looked down upon for taking time off, or, like I used to, you might almost feel a sense of accomplishment for not taking action. I used to be proud of not taking vacation, I was dedicated to the job and always there to do my part. As time went on I discovered this wasn’t always the best route. Now, I didn’t always have money to spend on vacation, but I discovered just taking an extended weekend here and there helped me to reset and regroup. And the science is on the side of taking time off. A study by the American Psychological Association found that vacations reduce stress by removing people from their day-to-day work related environment. It also found that the benefits trickled over to your return to work finding that vacationers had fewer work related issues once returning, such as headaches, backaches, and heart irregularities (source: Inc.). It’s not always about planning the week long vacation to the islands, sometimes it’s simply taking a Friday and Monday off so you have a 4-day weekend and some time to yourself.

Now let’s say you do want to plan that big getaway with the family, friends, or a solo adventure, where do you start? Well, the first step is to plan! It sounds simple, but 46% of American households skip the planning phase. By skipping the planning phase you’re either left with a half-hearted attempt at a vacation that can end up adding more stress to your life, or your idea of a vacation never materializes and you end the year wondering why you have 15 days of vacation left and a backache to boot! Not planning is why we see that 83% of Americans want to use their time off to travel, but end up not doing it.

I will admit that planning is not my specialty. I can see a direct correlation between me meeting my wife and me taking more vacations. She’s the planner, I’m the go-with-the-flow kinda of person. But, as I stated before, I used to not take vacations and I can say I was worse off. In more way than one I can say my wife improved my life, but in regards to vacation I can say she’s helping me better fight off things like heart disease. Studies show that there are significant cardiovascular health benefits to taking vacations (source: Inc..) For men, going 5 consecutive years without a vacation makes you 30% more likely to have a heart attack over those who took at least one week off each year. For women, taking a vacation once every six years, or less often, causes an almost 8 times increase in developing heart disease, having a heart attack, or causing other heart related issues than those who take at least two vacations a year. It’s scary stuff, but it’s true.

I understand that in today’s age, with schedules, commitments, and family needs, that planning a vacation can be tough. You think about it, you might even start the planning process, but something gets in the way and you never really get back to it. However, by being a planner and following through with planning your time off, you’ll benefit in many ways. Studies show that planners are significantly happier than non-planners in the following categories:

• Personal relationships with friends and family (82% vs 68%)
• How paid time off is spent (76% vs 54%)
• How much of paid time off was used (75% vs 51%)
• Physical health and well-being (63% vs 51%)
• Company where you work (61% vs 50%)
• Feelings about your job (61% vs 49%)

Maybe you’re sitting there, you’ve made it this far in the blog, and you’re shocked. You realize your last vacation was 3 years ago with no plans to take one in the future. You want to change that fact but you don’t know where to start. Well, if you’re ready to take that first step I can help with that. Check out this Vacation Planning Tool that’s set up by the U.S. Travel Association to help you plan for your future! Make a plan for your family, for yourself, and for your health. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the other side of the world, maybe it’s an adventure through a new book or a stroll through a local forest, the choice is yours! But make the choice to plan for your future so that you have a future to plan for.

As the leaves begin to change colors and the air becomes just a touch cooler, Ocean City comes alive for the what the locals call a “Second Season”. Wide open beaches become your playground. Warm ocean swells sooth the soul. Hotel prices go down and the area’s fun level goes up! It’s really the best Ocean City has to offer, but less expensive and more expansive.

The good news about the Second Season, a lot of the attractions in Ocean City remain open through the Second Season, more

It’s late August, early September, and you’re think-ing to yourself, “The Summer is over, I missed my chance to soak up the sun and dig my toes in the sand!”. As you let out a cry of regret, you hear the famous infomercial catchphrase in the background, “But wait, there’s more!” That’s right, there’s more fun and loads more sun to be had in Ocean City, Maryland in 2019! So take a deep breath, relax, and keep on reading to learn about all the awesome events yet to more

Do you feel that? The warmer days and nights. The days where a jacket isn’t necessary. The tough morning decision whether to wear shorts or pants? That right there is what we call Spring. And with Spring rolling in it’s that time where you begin to itch for some much needed beach time! And if it’s the beach you’re after, we got you covered with the clean, award-winning Ocean City beach. But let’s just say you’re thinking about doing a little more this year with your OC more

These amazing photographs come to us courtesy of Heather P. Shreve; author, historian, screenwriter, and great great granddaughter of Rosalie Tilghman Shreve, who build and owned the Plimhimmon Hotel in the late 1800s. It was the third hotel on Ocean City’s beachfront and would much later come to be known what we today call the Plim Plaza.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a suspicious headline coming from a website that wants you to venture to the beach. But have we ever lead you astray, reader? Has science? The notion that nature has a therapeutic effect is not a new one. In fact, back in the 18th century, Victorians were commonly prescribed trips to the shore to alleviate certain pains. What is it about the beach that’s so beneficial to our mental and emotional well-being, anyway?

When it comes to why, more

With Thanksgiving upon us it is safe to say that our Holiday season has begun. We hope this finds you in good company and in a happy, relaxed and festive spirit. The weeks ahead are sure to be packed with holiday going-ons, planning, visiting and shopping of all varieties. With the power punch that is the Christmas Season it’s good to set a few days aside for a relaxing getaway, especially with friends and family and loved ones, or even solo. So in the spirit of holiday relaxation more

Summer is for beaches, Fall is for the leaves, and the Holiday season is for Hallmark movies. Those Hallmark movies always seem to take place in the most picturesque little holiday towns. Happy locals that know everyone, Christmas lights everywhere, carriage rides, cute restaurants with friendly staff and amazing food, adorable family-owned one-of-a-kind shops, and, of course, top it all off with a little romance. What if I told you that all of the above could be found in America’s more

Take advantage of these Snowbird Airshow Specials at the conveniently located Harrison Hall and Plim Plaza boardwalk hotels on May 23rd for an event you don’t want to miss! Join us from 2:00 to 4:00pm on 3rd St. for an afternoon of outdoor aerial excitement.

You’ve felt the heart pulsing rush of the Air Force Thunderbirds and the US Navy Blue Angels, but now it’s time to celebrate our allied neighbors and their riveting feats as they fly over our resort area for the very first time. more

With Summer 2018 just around the corner, and everyone counting down the days until their toes are buried deep into the warm sand, we bring you exciting news about our completely renovated hotel that will soon join the Ocean City skyline.

Introducing the DoubleTree by Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront, the newest vacation destination in Ocean City, Maryland. Previously the Quality Inn & Suites Beachfront, the hotel has undergone a complete renovation, inside and out, top to bottom, to more

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