Each year in Ocean City, when the crowds die down and the winter breeze sweeps off the ocean onto the vacant beach, something magical happens.  As darkness rolls in and we witness the last breath of sun fade away until the morning light, Ocean City’s Winterfest of Lights illuminates the town. 

This year will be the 22nd installment of Winterfest of Lights, arguably one of Ocean City, Maryland’s most popular events.  From November 20th–January 4, 2015 people will brave the cold to witness the seemingly magical display of lights.  There are over 1 million holiday lights that blend together to tell a story of holiday cheer.  Each year it seems that this event gets bigger in one way or another.  Whether it’s more lights, or a new edition to the gift shop area, the event seems to expand almost as rapidly as the smiles upon the patrons’ faces.

Winterfest of Lights is an event that everyone must experience at least once, if not more.  Out-of-towners tell us how they come down just for Winterfest, and locals devote time each year to making sure they return to the annual festivities. It is a unique experience that has something for everyone to enjoy, especially the kids.  Inside the heated, temporary building that houses the loading station you will find Yukon Comelius’ gift shop filled with all sorts of festive goodies.  However, it isn’t the holiday trinkets that catch the children’s eye, it is Santa Clause.  Santa is also located inside the gift shop for all the kids to take a photograph with and let him know what they want his elves to make them for Christmas.

On those really cold nights you can stop by the drink and snack stand and grab some hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or some cookies and brownies.  Because the journey is taken on one of Ocean City Boardwalk’s trams, picking up some hot chocolate to keep the body warm is highly recommended.  On that note, dressing in layers is suggested, as well as taking a blanket or two to sit on as the benches are made from metal and tend to be very cold.

If you’re driving into Ocean City during Winterfest of Lights season, you will most likely notice the signs for the event.  The illuminated signs that possess the Winterfest logo are very special to the Harrison Group.  Ron Smith, a past employee for the Harrison Group, produced the logo that has represented, and continues to represent, the Winterfest of Lights.  The above picture is the original artwork made here, in the same office that I type this blog post. It is the same artwork that hundreds of thousands of Winterfest attendants have laid their eyes.  It is truly special that this artwork is still being used, and we at the Harrison Group want to thank Ron Smith for his masterful contribution.

Winterfest of Lights is one of those events that words just don’t do it justice.  It is something that you truly have to see to appreciate.  If you find yourself in town November 20th–January 4th, head to Northside Park on 125th street and witness some true holiday magic.  Admission is FREE for children 11 and under, and $5 for guests 12 and older. For more information go here: WINTERFEST OF LIGHTS

Sunfest 2014!

Well, i’m not really sure where Summer went and flew off to, but if you turn around, it’s still visible in the rearview. It’s not tailgating or drafting, but it’s still there hanging on for what looks like a few more weeks hopefully. Right now it’s honking at us and flashing it’s lights trying to grab our attention. What’s that you say summer of ’14? It’s Sunfest weekend!? Oh boy, hotdoggonit, it is Sunfest Weekend! Don’t worry everyone, summer time fun is still ...read more

This upcoming Monday, is, THE BIG ONE. Before the sun begins to peak its rays above the horizon, before the rooster crows or the hound howls, and most likely, even before your first cup of coffee, anglers will have set out from Harbour Island, Ocean City on an adventure: An adventure for treasure. For these adventurers, like it has been for many years, the treasure they seek lies beneath the sea. But it is not gold or relics of old, it’s the creatures that live within it. The White ...read more

Ahhh, love. ‘Tis the season for it. Love is so very important in the world we live in. Without love, humanity simply would not exist, it is a fundamental part of being who we are and why we are here. Just the other day there was a big debate between Ken Ham and the ever popular Bill Nye the Science guy. They debated on the age old question/controversy of ‘why are we here and where did we come from?’ They both cordially argued their points and presented visual aids to support them but ...read more

All year we wait for the big day. For whatever the reason may be. Wishes and hopes and planning and shopping and tradition. Wishes that it be white, wishes to see loved ones, hopes that, even though we’re late, we can still find a seat in church. Planning that Santa visits and we finally receive that go-cart that we’ve circled in the Sears & Roebuck catalogue since we were five. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and Christmas receives all the attention that it ...read more

A wise man (Mr. Bob Dylan) once said, ‘these times they are a changin.’ Yet! Even in these a changin times there are a few rules that you can still count on. Such as; what goes up, must come down, all good things must come to an end, and, most importantly, people love photographs.
Indeed, the good that was our 2013 season is coming to an end and you can chalk it up as another great year for the Harrison Group and Ocean City, Maryland. With that said, we would like to thank all of ...read more

With a weather forecast that has this weekend in the 80’s and showing next weekend to be sunny and mid 70’s one could say that Ocean City, Maryland is experiencing quite the ‘Indian Summer.’ Simply the best way to describe it is ‘ahhhh.’  You would be surprised at the amount of opinions and message boards that discuss what an Indian Summer actually is, so to be clear, we here at the Harrison Group will be applying the Webster’s Dictionary definition to our Fall season. A pleasant, ...read more

‘That’s cool.’ or ‘Hey man, cool.’ or ‘Whoa, over there, now that is wicked cool!’ People recognize cool, and for different reasons. Cool can be applied to a wall paper pattern or even to a flying frog being hurled by a rocket (look up Wallops NASA Frog). Everyone is different, and so is their cool perception. Take for instance smart phones. Smart phone companies spend a ton of money making sure their gadget looks cool. You can’t sit through a commercial break without seeing some ...read more

There is a very big, 17th century Spanish ship docked bayside on 3rd Street in Ocean City, Maryland. It is amazing. El Galeon Andalucia is her name and she is magnificent. ‘Galleons’ are Spanish trade ships built and used from 1500 to the mid 1700’s. Consider the Andalucia a ‘newer body style’ to the boats Ferdinand Magellan used to first circumnavigate the planet. To describe it to someone that has not seen it is a little hard. She has six decks, 12 guns, 3 masts, seven sails, 170 ...read more

ROADTRIPPING IS THE BEST. It’s been around for a long time. Before the T-Model Ford, Chevy Corvette, the ‘Oregon Trail,’ and even before hippies started tricking out their air-cooled VW Vanagons, road trips have been an American favorite.  Countless movies, songs and books have been based on it. Look up Kerouac’s ‘On The Road.’ Arguably one of the most famous road trips in American History is when Sacagawea led those two other guys (what’s their names again?) across North America in ...read more

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