Ocean City never really gets quiet. It slows down, but there always seems to be something to do. Sure, you find yourself occasionally going from one end of town to another without hitting a red light, but that’s like seeing Big Foot; often talked about, but never any evidence of it happening. The off season brings a welcome change in how the town feels. Instead of the hustle and bustle of crowds and packed events in the Summer, you’re given a chance to slow down and explore the magical holiday spectacles and fun filled events that invite you to relax and enjoy.

A yearly tradition, and a national award-winning event, the Winterfest of Lights is the highlight of the holiday season in Ocean City. Hop aboard a boardwalk tram, appropriately renamed the “Winterfest Express” for this event, and enjoy a ride through a magical display of holiday lights and festive features. Located at Northside Park on 125th st., this event is something that the whole family can, and most certainly should, enjoy. The Winterfest Express takes you on a journey that features over one million sparkling holiday lights, hundreds of animated displays, and guaranteed smiles for everyone.

Having enjoyed this event myself a few times, I’d like to pass along some helpful pointers. You’ll definitely want to bundle up. After all, the ride is outside and the wind coming off the bay in the winter can bring chills to anyone. I’ve told this next one to countless people, and they all thank me for it: Take a blanket to sit on! The tram seats get very cold during the winter and can make the journey a little less enjoyable if you’re not prepared. Last but not least, make sure to grab a cup of hot chocolate or apple cider for the ride. They sell both in the heated tent where the Winterfest Express picks you up and it’s nice to have something warm to sip on while on the ride.

Although the Winterfest of Lights is the main event in Ocean City, there are plenty of other holiday experiences to be found throughout town. If outdoor adventures aren’t for you, cozy up in the new Performing Arts Center and be treated to one-of-a-kind holiday shows that are sure to delight. Featured in the month of December, Ronnie Milsap is bringing his Christmas themed show to town on December 4th. Tickets for this must-see event can be found here.

Another Holiday classic being presented at the Performing Arts Center is “The Nutcracker”. This will be the first time Ocean City has hosted the Sussex Ballet: a preprofessional ballet company comprised of students from Sussex Dance Academy, under the artistic directing of Kate Downes Walker. Information about the performance, which is scheduled for December 5th, can be found here.

There is a plethora of events scheduled for Ocean City during the holiday season. From horse and carriage rides with Santa, to an OC Christmas Parade and more, there is sure to be an event that you and your family can enjoy. We invite you to explore Ocean City during the offseason where the opportunity to experience happiness and joy is around every corner.

For a complete list of events in Ocean City during the Winter season click here.

The Harrison Group does a lot of things and covers a lot of ground. Our business can be described in many, many, many ways. With that said, each employee specializes in different parts in the spectrum that is the Harrison Group. But simply put, we are in the business of making people feel welcomed and comfortable. Hospitality. That one word, for us, is top priority and when we do that, everything else falls into place. From the maids, to the painters, to the bellman, to the hotel ...read more

This upcoming Monday, is, THE BIG ONE, it is Skilligalee week. Usually Mondays are dreaded, loathed and left for the dogs. But this Monday is different, it’s the beginning of the White Marlin Open and for many in and around OCMD it’s similar to Christmas morning. Monday morning anglers will set out from Harbour Island, Ocean City on an adventure: An adventure for treasure - The White Marlin. Known to be a rare and solitary species, it has been coveted by watermen since the ...read more

When living in and around the coast certain things stand out in certain summers and you begin to remember those summers because of those certain things. Say for instance, in 2001 there was a wonderful sandbar off of 28th street. You could swim pretty far out into the Atlantic Ocean and then stand up on the bar and just hang out. Float around, fish from it and when you felt like it, body surf a wave back into the beach. It was pretty great. In 2007 there was a major upwelling of the ...read more

As a kid you want to fly. Then you grow up and, well, you still want to fly. We all want to fly. To defy gravity. To feel that weightlessness of flight and thrust ourselves towards the sky and to belong among the creatures that own it. Flight is bringing science, imagination and crazy together to create nothing short of magic. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… the Ocean City, Maryland Airshow! This weekend, if you’re in town, make sure to look to the sky, because there will be ...read more

Crazy picture huh? What a winter. Winter 2015 was not joking around, it seemed as though it would never end and when the snow kept falling well into March we started to believe that it really wouldn’t. But, alas, Spring has sprung and shined her wonderful warm rays all across The Shore and Ocean City, Maryland. Hibernation is over! And it is time to Jump! Burst Forth! Rise! It’s time to open those windows and let that wonderful fresh, crisp Spring air in and put the Winter of ...read more

It’s that time of the year when it is simply too cold to enjoy an afternoon stroll on the beach.  The Ocean City winds whipping off the frigid Atlantic make it hard to enjoy all the nature that the area has to offer.  If you’re still craving some nature thrills, there’s one way to get your fix while escaping winter’s chills.

The Nautical & Wildlife Art Festival and Craft Show is one of the years first major events in Ocean City and is sure to be a delight for anyone looking ...read more

It’s not quite winter yet. There’s been a few cold days thus far down here on the shore but nothing quite as harsh as last year. And who’s got time for it anyways? With Christmas right around the corner who’s got time for anything, let alone the weather? We’ve got shopping to do, eggnog to drink and Christmas cards to send! (We hope you received the Harrison Group’s card by the way)
With so much to do it’s hard to slow down and find time nowadays. The photo above goes ...read more

Each year in Ocean City, when the crowds die down and the winter breeze sweeps off the ocean onto the vacant beach, something magical happens.  As darkness rolls in and we witness the last breath of sun fade away until the morning light, Ocean City’s Winterfest of Lights illuminates the town. 

This year will be the 22nd installment of Winterfest of Lights, arguably one of Ocean City, Maryland’s most popular events.  From November 20th–January 4, 2015 people will brave the ...read more

This upcoming Monday, is, THE BIG ONE. Before the sun begins to peak its rays above the horizon, before the rooster crows or the hound howls, and most likely, even before your first cup of coffee, anglers will have set out from Harbour Island, Ocean City on an adventure: An adventure for treasure. For these adventurers, like it has been for many years, the treasure they seek lies beneath the sea. But it is not gold or relics of old, it’s the creatures that live within it. The White ...read more

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