Holiday Inn Bar
An´ pour me somethin´ tall an´ strong,
Make it a “Hurricane” before I go insane.
It’s only half-past twelve but I don't care.
It's five o'clock somewhere.

I could pay off my tab, pour myself in a cab,
An´ be back to work before two.
At a moment like this, I can’t help but wonder,
What would Jimmy Buffet do?

Alan Jackson, It's 5 o’clock Somewhere

Alright, let’s see a show of hands from all of us who find ourselves humming this song to ourselves after a long day at work, a head spinning day with the kids at home, or after a 5 hour drive “down the ocean” when it should have taken 3 hours max. That’s right, sometimes we just need 5 o’clock to happen sooner than later!!

With over 175 liquor accounts in Ocean City, MD alone, I would say that our town does not lack in the Happy Hour department. If you’re in need of a refreshing beverage to calm your nerves and relax your body, Ocean City, MD has the HAPPIEST Happy Hour’s around!

While browsing my Facebook news feed recently, I stumbled upon a few of my friends voting for the Happiest Happy Hour in Ocean City, MD. Being the nosy person that I am, I clicked on the link and was led to where I could cast my vote. Of course I voted for Harborside because really, who can pass up their fresh squeezed Orange Crush?? I decided I needed to chat it up with Ocean City Happy Hours owners Nicole Hills and Jeremy Brink, about what exactly they meant by “Promoting happiness one hour at a time!”

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