Holiday Inn Bar
An´ pour me somethin´ tall an´ strong,
Make it a “Hurricane” before I go insane.
It’s only half-past twelve but I don't care.
It's five o'clock somewhere.

I could pay off my tab, pour myself in a cab,
An´ be back to work before two.
At a moment like this, I can’t help but wonder,
What would Jimmy Buffet do?

Alan Jackson, It's 5 o’clock Somewhere

Alright, let’s see a show of hands from all of us who find ourselves humming this song to ourselves after a long day at work, a head spinning day with the kids at home, or after a 5 hour drive “down the ocean” when it should have taken 3 hours max. That’s right, sometimes we just need 5 o’clock to happen sooner than later!!

With over 175 liquor accounts in Ocean City, MD alone, I would say that our town does not lack in the Happy Hour department. If you’re in need of a refreshing beverage to calm your nerves and relax your body, Ocean City, MD has the HAPPIEST Happy Hour’s around!

While browsing my Facebook news feed recently, I stumbled upon a few of my friends voting for the Happiest Happy Hour in Ocean City, MD. Being the nosy person that I am, I clicked on the link and was led to where I could cast my vote. Of course I voted for Harborside because really, who can pass up their fresh squeezed Orange Crush?? I decided I needed to chat it up with Ocean City Happy Hours owners Nicole Hills and Jeremy Brink, about what exactly they meant by “Promoting happiness one hour at a time!”

So here’s the skinny.  I asked Nicole to fill me in on the whole Ocean City Happy Hours and this is what she had to say.

“Ocean City Happy Hours is a local guide to Happy Hour in and around Ocean City.  We list Happy Hour drink and food specials for bars & restaurants from Ocean Pines, Ocean City and North to Fenwick Island.  We also organize and plan bar crawls - both public and private - all year long.”

One of the questions I was dying to ask was about the most unique Happy Hour Drinks they have seen.  I tire of the same ole, same ole and like to keep it fresh with new and exciting options!  Jeremy told me that “Ocean City Happy Hours has a spot on our website dedicated specifically to this! Check out the Cool Sips category for pictures and descriptions of drinks like the Pickle Shot, Orange Crush and Blueberry Breezarita!”

Oh Pickle Shots, how I love thee.  Before you turn your nose up at the prospect of drinking a “Pickle Shot” from Pickles on 8th street, you MUST try it!!!  I promise you, they are amazing (well only if you like pickles, that is).  Inside tip here from Jeremy, if you want to add some kick to your pickle shot, rim your shot glass with a little Old Bay!!


Mixing a frozen libation.

½ Rum Runner + ½ Piña Colada = Pain in de Ass


Another great drink is the Pain in de Ass offered at Seacrets on 49th street, I’m sure plenty of you have had your fair share of this drink though on a sunny Summer afternoon at Seacrets, Jamaica USA!  A Pain in de Ass is a frozen concoction of Rum Runner and Pina Colada layered upon each other, top it off with a shot of Bacardi Rum.  Be careful and drink responsibly, or you might find yourself having a Pain in de Ass from falling to the floor after one of these!!

Now onto the “Happiest Happy Hour,” I’m still intrigued with exactly how this works.  Nicole filled me in, “The Happiest Hour of the Month is a Poll Type contest that is held each month on our website.  Voted on by the public, each person can vote once per day for their favorite Happy Hour spot.  The contest is a group of five bars that we choose from our advertisers - each month the 2nd and 3rd place winners from the previous month move on to join three new entries.  The winner gets bragging rights and the top ad spot on our website with a link to their Facebook or Website.”

To stay on top of the coldest drinks in town check out Team Happy on Facebook for daily Happy Hour updates on specials and entertainment this summer.  Jeremy also let me know that they are working on a Hot Wing Cook Off and have Bar Crawls coming up all summer!  Join in, you’ve not truly partied in Ocean City unless you’ve participated in a Ocean City, MD Bar Crawl!

You can also keep up with Jeremy Brink around town mixing the top dance hits as DJ Jeremy/East Coast Entertainment or Nicole Hills via their online magazine they also run together OC Shore Magazine!!

All of us here at The Harrison Group got together to list some of our favorite Happy Hour locations to share with you as well.  The options are truly endless, but here are just a few to point you in the right direction!

  • Pirates Den - $1.99 Rum Runners ALL the time!  Free pool, ping pong and darts.
  • Coconuts Beach Bar and Grill - From 5-6pm drinks are buy one get one free.  The bar is outdoors right on the beach and they also offer free volleyball!
  • Mothers Cantina - $1 tacos and $1.50 beers, YUM!
  • SKYE BAR - From 3-6 they offer $1 off craft brews, $2.50 domestic drafts, $3.50 rails, and $5 crushes!
  • OC Wasabi - From 4-7 every day and twice on Saturdays (also at 10-1 AM) includes discounted rolls, apps and drinks.


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