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Rules & Regulations

General rules and regulations
governing common and limited common areas

  1. Excessive and/or disturbing noise is prohibited at all times.
  2. Skateboarding and in-line skating are prohibited on the property.
  3. Nothing shall be hung from any balcony or common walkway railing or on exterior walls, including towels, clothing, or blankets or flower pots, signs, or decorative items. Clotheslines cannot be strung on balconies. Flags are prohibited, except that the American, Maryland or Ocean City flag may be displayed from a private balcony using an association- approved flag mount that is attached in a manner that does not puncture the walls or railings. By law, an association must allow the display of the American flag. However, it is important that the walls and railings not be damaged with holes that will allow water to enter.
  4. Balconies must be kept neat and free of rubbish.
  5. Nothing may be stored on the common walkway at the unit entrances. Beach furniture, toys and shoes must be kept inside the unit. A door mat, in good condition, may be kept at the entrance of the unit.
  6. The use of fuel-fed devices such as kerosene or propane heaters or barbecue grills and other items that create a fire hazard is prohibited. This includes use anywhere on grounds, balconies, walkways, sidewalks or parking lot. These types of items cannot be stored upon the premises.
  7. Throwing objects off balconies and common walkways is prohibited. This includes cigarette and cigar ashes and butts. Cigarettes should not be extinguished on the siding, railings, or walkways. Do not feed the birds or pigeons. Nothing can be swept or allowed to flow off of a balcony or walkway. Feeding birds is prohibited. Pigeons are significant problem in Ocean City. Feeding them encourages roosting and the exterminating of an established population is unpleasant for everyone.
  9. Rubbish must be packaged in tied-off plastic bags and promptly disposed of in the trash chute located at the southwest end of the hallway. Rubbish may not be left outside units on the common walkways, at the unit entrance, or on private balconies for any period. Items or large bags that will not fit in the chute cannot be left on the walkway. These items must be taken downstairs to be placed in the dumpster. Please do not try to force items into the chute – this will clog the trash chute and cause trash to back-up in the chute.
  10. Large household items, furniture, mattresses and appliances cannot be placed inside the dumpster. Unit owners are required to have large household items removed from the property at their own expense. The Town of Ocean City provides bulk trash pick up at a reasonable cost. Unit owners who wish to place large items for collection must notify the property manager, who will arrange for the bulk pick up and bill the unit owner accordingly. Large household items should be left at the dumpster area after consultation with management staff as to the location.
  11. Smoking, including the use of any tobacco product or electronic cigarettes/vaping, is prohibited in all general common areas except the parking lot and within 25 feet of the building. General common areas include: floor walkways, elevators, garden areas, stairwells, and sidewalks.
  12. Smoking, vaping and any use of an electronic vaping device on a unit balcony is prohibited. this prohibition includes but is not limited to all tobacco products (including cigarettes or cigars) and marijuana.
  13. Fire alarm or fire suppression equipment, such as smoke detectors or sprinkler heads, in units or elsewhere in the Condominium shall not be removed, disconnected, disarmed, modified, tampered with, damaged or otherwise rendered inoperable by any person, including owners, renters and contractors. Violation of this rule shall result in a fine up to $1000 billed to the unit owner and the unit owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred to restore the alarm or suppression equipment to its original operating condition.


  1. Parking spaces are assigned. Park only in your designated parking spaces.
  2. Parking permits are required at all times and are to be displayed in a visible location on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  3. Weekly or temporary guests must display a parking permit provided by the owner or real estate company. The real estate company parking permit must provide the following information: the name of the real estate company or property manager, the date(s) upon which the parking permit is valid, a contact phone number for the real estate company, and the unit number. This information must be printed legibly on a pre-printed form supplied by the real estate company.
  4. Vehicles that are parked in violation of the rules are subject to being towed from the property at the violating vehicle owner’s expense.
  5. The manager is authorized to tow all vehicles that are improperly parked.
  6. If you encounter another vehicle parked in violation of the rules please contact the Property Management.
  7. Vehicles must park within designated parking spaces. Vehicles cannot block ingress or egress to the parking lot area, to the dumpster or to other parking spaces. Vehicles are not permitted to be parked in or to block the designated fire lane.
  8. Trailers, campers, house trailers, boats, boat trailers, jet-skis or jet-ski trailers are prohibited from parking in the parking lot area. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on the lot for more than 12 consecutive hours without permission of the Property Manager. Vehicles without current registration stickers are not permitted on the property. Vehicles cannot be left in a parking space to be used as storage.
  9. Oil changes and vehicle maintenance (other than the changing of flat tires) are prohibited in the parking lot. Abandoned or disabled vehicles are not permitted. The washing of vehicles is prohibited.
  10. Park vehicles HEAD-IN ONLY, so they do not overhang the lawn, landscaped areas or shrubbery. Heat and fluids can damage plants and grass.


  1. There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.
  2. Pool is generally open Memorial Day til OC Sunfest weekend. The pool can be closed by the manager, security staff or on-site staff at any time to protect the health, safety or welfare of the owners and guests of Sandpiper Dunes.
  3. The pool is closed at the first sign of thunder or lightning and cannot be re-opened for use for 30 minutes after the last sign of thunder or lightning. In the event of a summer storm, everyone must leave the pool area.
  4. Pool hours are posted at the entrance to the pool. The pool is not to be used at other times. Pool hours can be changed at anytime at the discretion of management.
  5. Use of the pool is restricted to owners and their guests. Pool tags are required and must be in your possession at all times when in the pool area. Pool use is monitored and you may be asked to provide your pool tag. Owners and guests who do not have a pool tag will be required to leave the pool area.
  6. Owners and guests are prohibited from opening the pool entrance door for others. The intent of this rule is to prevent owners and guests from opening the pool door to allow those who do not belong in the pool from entering.
  7. The pool entrance gate may not be wedged or propped open for any reason for any length of time.
  8. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult inside the pool enclosure at all times.
  9. Small floatation devices are permitted provided they do not interfere with the pleasure of others utilizing the pool. Rafts, large floatation devices, and boats are not permitted.
  10. An adult must accompany any non-swimmers into the pool water, even if the non-swimmer has been provided with a floatation device.
  11. Plastic pants or Swimmies are required for all children who are not toilet trained or who are in diapers. It is essential that all accidents of an unsanitary nature be reported to management. In the event of an accident of this type, the swimming pool must be closed for a 24-hour period and treated with chemicals to prevent contamination of others.
  12. There is to be no diving, running, roughhousing or ball playing within the pool enclosure.
  13. Glass containers are not permitted inside the pool enclosure. Broken glass inside the pool enclosure will cause the pool to be closed for preventive maintenance.
  14. Battery-operated radios and other electronics may be used in the pool area, but all guests are expected to keep volumes at a minimum. Sandpiper Dunes is located in a family-oriented resort area, so please do not play music that is not suitable for young children unless you are wearing headphones. Upon the request of Sandpiper Dunes management, music must be turned off and radios and stereos must be removed from the pool area.
  15. Pool furniture cannot be removed from the pool enclosure.
  16. Trash must be disposed in a proper container.
  17. Smoking, including the use of any tobacco product or electronic cigarettes/vaping, is not permitted within the pool enclosure.
  18. To ensure safety and equitable usage of the pool during peak usage days or when the pool area is overcrowded, the maximum number of occupants per unit in the pool area shall not exceed four for a one bedroom unit, eight for a two bedroom unit, and twelve for a three bedroom unit.
  19. Food of any type and alcoholic beverages of any type are not permitted within the pool enclosure.


  1. All emergencies should be reported to Braniff Property Management LLC 410-524-0390 (M-F 9-5) EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS call same number to reach the on call Property Manager.
  2. In the event of fire, dial 911. The physical location of Sandpiper Dunes is 5801 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean City, Maryland 21842.
  3. In the event of a fire, emergency evacuation instructions are posted on the unit entry door and show the location of the stairwells and elevator. Do not use the elevator if there is a fire. Residents and guests must exit the building by using the stairs. If a handicapped person is unable to use the stairs, s/he should wait at the stairwell entrance for assistance.
  4. In the event of a water emergency, turn off the water main located in the laundry room of each unit. If the water appears to be originating from the unit above you, go up to that unit and ask the owner or guest to turn off the water at the water main. Then contact Braniff for further assistance.
  5. In the event of an elevator emergency, lift the telephone handset located on the front wall of the elevator. The telephone will automatically dial an emergency service number.
  6. SPD Property Manager:

    Braniff Property Management LLC

Revised 210122