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With the year coming to a close and Thanksgiving in just under a week, we wanted to reflect and share our gratitude for the many things that make Ocean City one of a kind.

1. Atlantic Hotel
Before most of the businesses we know and love today, there was the Atlantic Hotel. The first hotel of its kind on this once empty barrier island, the Atlantic is where it all started for Ocean City. We are incredibly grateful for their investment that paved the way for our resort town to blossom into what it is today.

2. Harrison Hall Hotel
We also want to share our gratitude for the Harrison Hall Hotel. The Harrison Group would not be what it is today without G. Hale and Lois Harrison’s entrepreneurial spirit that inspired their sons, John and Hale, to found the Harrison Group.

3. 1933 Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane
The storm that changed Ocean City forever and created the inlet. Despite the devastation and destruction, the town came out better for it with the creation of an inlet to the Atlantic which allowed the commercial and sport fishing industry to flourish and turn Ocean City into the White Marlin Capital of the World. If you want to learn more about this storm and how it continues to affect the modern OC, check out our blog post, Hurricane History: OC’s Humble Origins.

4. The Great March Storm of 1962
Ocean City is no stranger to a nor’easter storm, but in 1962, the March storm caused massive damage to the whole town claiming the lives of 30 people and injuring 1200. Wind gusts and massive waves battered the town for five days, burying cars in several feet of sand, leveling houses and businesses. The storm brought the town to its knees, but the devastation made the way for rapid expansion and boosted the up-and-coming resort town to new heights.

5. Harrison’s Harbor Watch
An Ocean City staple, Harbor Watch has been serving up delicious seafood with an unbeatable view of the Inlet and Assateague for over 30 years. Their famous raw bar and locally sourced seafood is definitely something to be thankful for!

6. Thrasher’s
No list about Ocean City would be complete without mentioning Thrasher’s and their delicious golden french fries! And don’t forget they don’t serve ketchup.

7. Dolle’s Candyland
After being open for 111 years, it’s no surprise Dolle’s Candyland is an OC staple. We are definitely thankful for their delicious treats and world famous salt water taffy!

8. Fisher’s Popcorn
When you catch a whiff of freshly popped popcorn on the boardwalk, you know exactly where that’s coming from. Fisher’s Popcorn has perfected the art of caramel popcorn (and other flavors); no trip to OC would be complete without a bucket of Fisher’s in hand!

9. Dumser’s Dairyland
Starting in one shop on the boardwalk in 1939 to seven locations all over Ocean City, Dumser’s Dairyland is almost synonymous with the Ocean City name. Their homemade ice cream and thick shakes are summer must-haves in OC and something to be thankful for.

10. Layton’s Family Restaurant
Their delicious donuts and traditional diner breakfast and lunch menu have made Layton’s an Ocean City staple since the donut shop opened in 1968! 

11. Seacrets Jamaica USA
Opening in 1988, Seacrets started as a small Jamaican-style tiki bar for locals, but over the last 34 years the bar has turned into a must-visit location with a restaurant, nightclub, 20 bars, a gift shop, its own radio station, and most recently a Prohibition style distillery.

12. Trimper Rides
An Ocean City original and the oldest running family-owned carnival, Trimper’s is about as old as the boardwalk with the first of the Trimper family’s properties opening in the early 1890s. Trimper’s Rides as we know it started in the early 1900s with the addition of a theater and amusement park. The Trimper’s Carousel was added in 1912 and is still one of the oldest operating carousels in the country.

13. Ocean City Life Saving Museum
A predecessor to the modern day Coast Guard, life-saving stations like the one in Ocean City helped ships and people in distress on the water. Starting in 1874, our local station saved countless lives before its abandonment in 1964. The town came together in the 70s to save the building from being torn down, and it was moved to its current resting place in the Inlet. Now a museum, the building houses relics of its former glory and tells stories of the triumph and tragedies of the life-saving station.

14. Playland & Sportland
The boardwalk experience would be incomplete without a trip to the arcade. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, the arcades are a great way to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk.

15. Jolly Roger Ferris Wheel
Jolly Roger’s Giant Wheel is an iconic part of the Ocean City skyline and boardwalk. You can’t beat watching the sunset over the bay at the top of the ferris wheel!

16. Flashback Old Time Photos
The perfect family memory and boardwalk souvenir. What’s not to love about that?

17. Ocean’s Gallery
With its chaotic and quirky exterior and beautiful, unique art inside, the Ocean’s Gallery on 2nd St. is a must-visit boardwalk attraction.

18. The Kite Loft
Who doesn’t love kites? From the expert to a child’s first kite, Kite Loft has everything you could want kite-related. The breeze off the ocean offers the perfect lift for an afternoon of kite flying.

19. Roland E. Powell Convention Center
Event spaces, a theater, bay views and more, the OC Convention Center has so much to offer the town. Big events, stage productions and live music at the convention center bring arts and culture to the town’s event schedule and give people access to Broadway shows and live music in a smaller, local venue.

20. Fishing Pier
Just like Jolly Roger’s Giant Wheel, the Ocean City Fishing Pier has long been a part of the OC landscape. Storms and fire have damaged and destroyed the pier, but we are thankful for the many years our pier weathered and survived.

21. The Inlet
Ocean City would not be the town it is today without the 200 foot wide Atlantic inlet. Despite the destructive storm that created the inlet, we all have the inlet to thank for much of the town’s resort success and status as the “White Marlin Capital of the World.”

22. Assateague National & State Park
Every nature lover in Ocean City knows about the natural wonder that is Assateague. Divided into a state and national park between two states, the barrier island is home to wild horses made internationally famous by the novel Misty of Chincoteague.

23. Springfest & Sunfest
These two arts & crafts festivals bookend the peak season and they are some of the biggest events of the year with hundreds of vendors, live music, and food. They are a great way to enjoy everything OC has to offer.

24. White Marlin Open
With over 9 million in prize money and thousands of participants, the White Marlin Open fishing tournament is easily one of the biggest events held in Ocean City.

25. Winterfest
Millions of Christmas lights sparkle at night in Northside Park from Nov. 17 until New Year’s Day. The lights display is a locals’ favorite and a Christmas tradition for over 30 years.

There is so much to be thankful for in Ocean City. To every business that calls Ocean City home, thank you!

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