Travelers love to travel, that’s why they do it. They also love a clean comfortable stay with their loved ones. It’s part of the whole travel experience. To be able to enjoy a region and it’s attractions while experiencing the comforts of home with the luxuries and wonder that a hotel property provides. And that includes everything from crisp pillow cases to an inviting lobby to a clean private oceanfront balcony to the accommodating in house restaurant to the manicured guarded beach. AND everything in between!

And it’s safe to say that our staff loves travelers. Three of our properties were just awarded the AAA’s ‘Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping for 2020 Award.’ The Holiday Inn & Suites on 17th Street, the Hilton Suites on 32nd Street, and the DoubleTree by Hilton on 33rd Street were all recently awarded this highly sought after designation.

Every AAA Inspected & Approved hotel must meet expected standards of cleanliness and condition scores to receive a Diamond Rating, but these properties that were awarded the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping designation significantly surpassed all expectations of the inspector.

These properties, as a whole, received a comprehensive, on-site inspection that reflect a very high standard. The inspector was looking for evidence of dirt, dust, pests, equipment performance and more. Basically, the whole property is inspected, as a whole, from the parking lot to the outdoor pool and everything in between. All staff has to be involved and must work as a team at 100% to achieve this status.

To earn the Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping award, properties must demonstrate housekeeping excellence for two consecutive inspections and be free of AAA member complaints. So we’d like to pay our hotel staffs the highest congratulations! Keep up the great work, the travelers love you!

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