All year we wait for the big day. For whatever the reason may be. Wishes and hopes and planning and shopping and tradition. Wishes that it be white, wishes to see loved ones, hopes that, even though we’re late, we can still find a seat in church. Planning that Santa visits and we finally receive that go-cart that we’ve circled in the Sears & Roebuck catalogue since we were five. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and Christmas receives all the attention that it deserves. With all the focus and attention paid towards the birth of Jesus, we tend to forget a little about the start of the New Year.

Two Thousand Fourteen is upon us people! No kidding. Another year flew by, and while we were busy watching the top 374 internet videos that went viral we forgot to make plans for the New Year’s. By the way, the scary gorilla video was cool but the video of the crooning mother and crying baby made me feel guilty for watching. So if you’re like most of us and forgot, don’t worry, Ocean City, Maryland has you covered. Of course there is fireworks on New Year’s Eve on the Northside of town and tradition tells us that crazy people will be jumping in the chilly grips of the Atlantic Ocean on January 1st , (for a good cause of course) and the Winterfest of Lights is still happening. But if you’re really looking for a great way to bring in twenty fourteen, the Harrison Group & Holiday Inn Oceanfront has got you covered.

Of course the Holiday Inn conference center will provide a great New Year’s Eve party with a festive atmosphere, a delicious meal, and great music and dancing. The Harrison Group and Holiday Inn Oceanfront are also really excited to bring to you the world famous magic of The Evasons. They are a world famous mentalist duo that will thrill you with mind-blowing feats of telepathy and ESP. We will bring you a one of a kind show that you have to see to believe. Amazing entertaining wonderment! These guys even have a review from Johnny Carson for crying out loud! NBC calls them ‘the finest act of its kind in the world!’ It looks to be a wonderful way to bring in 2014! If you’re looking for a more low-key way to celebrate the New Year, the Holiday Inn Boardwalk has a delicious menu, entertainment by John Remy and a Champagne Toast at midnight. Looking to stay the night? Both hotels are offering great room rates too.

Regardless of how you bring in the New Year, The Harrison Group and Ocean City, Maryland wishes everyone a happy holidays and a safe and fruitful twenty-fourteen. For more info on the magic show log onto: . For more info on the party please call 1-800-837-3588 or log onto: . Happy New Year’s everyone, and remember, don’t sing if it makes babies cry!

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