When living in and around the coast certain things stand out in certain summers and you begin to remember those summers because of those certain things. Say for instance, in 2001 there was a wonderful sandbar off of 28th street. You could swim pretty far out into the Atlantic Ocean and then stand up on the bar and just hang out. Float around, fish from it and when you felt like it, body surf a wave back into the beach. It was pretty great. In 2007 there was a major upwelling of the ocean that made the water so cold! (Not as fun wink But what stands out so far for this summer is the clarity and cleanliness of the Atlantic Ocean’s waters. It’s really hard to remember a summer where you could see straight to the Ocean’s floor, spot a cool shell, swim down and scoop it up. It’s been a real treat. With waters this clear it’s not hard to imagine yourself in the Caribbean or tucked away off the Hawaiian coast. (the background of the photo above is of the ocean and the inlet)
A few weeks ago there we’re a couple of shark sightings in and around the island. Naturally, the talk around town was all shark, all the time. Falling victim to the ‘shark talk’ I asked a nice couple if they had seen any. They replied simply that they hadn’t and in fact the water was so clear that they weren’t worried about a shark surprising them. Turns out that it was a mother hammerhead shark trying to lay her eggs and they do so near the coast because it’s safest for the babies.
This weekend, if your in town, is the 7th Annual Berlin Peach Festival. The Peach Festival holds a special place for the Harrison Family and the Harrison Group. A Hundred years ago we worked the land for a living and peaches were our specialty. You could order fruit and trees direct from us from anywhere in the United States (above is the actual order form for the 1923-1924 season). Times change and so does our business but folks around here still grow delicious peaches and they are ripening as we speak. The festival is Saturday and free to the public. There will be fresh peaches, pie eating contests, pie baking contest, live entertainment, peach pit guessing games and much much more. Good ol’fashioned family fun.
We hope you can make it to Ocean City, MD this summer and remember it for something special. Maybe it’ll be the fresh sweet smell of corn growing under the sun on the drive down… Enjoy.

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