Golfers riding down the cart path at Eagles Landing
Watering the greens at Eagles Landing

Being an amateur to everything golf I am excited to embark on an adventure where I learn from the best about the sport. For ten weeks I will be sitting down with head professionals at golf courses surrounding the Ocean City area.

This week I had the opportunity of speaking with Bob Croll at Eagles Landing Golf Course. It was a great relief to have sat with a man who was so optimistic about sharing information about a course he’s so familiar with.

Like many college graduates Croll went to school for geography and found a career that had no relationship with his degree. “I moved to the beach after college and ran into a buddy of mine who was running this golf course [Eagles Landing] who got me a job parking carts.” After four years of parking carts Croll went to golf school to become a certified pro. He has now been the head pro at the facility for the past 10½ years.

After getting his credentials he began explaining the significance of Eagles Landing. “The course creates many habitats for wildlife. We were actually the first Audubon Sanctuary in the state of Maryland.” With all of the various animals and landscape, Eagles Landing is one of Ocean City’s affordable courses.  “We provide premium conditions and have a premium layout, but we don’t have premium rates. The best way to put it is we are valued price.” Affordability for a course with expensive qualities adds to the aesthetic air surrounding Eagles Landing.

What about player friendly? With all of the richness that the course has, I wondered how it accommodated players of different levels. “Most courses have four tees which range in distance from the green tee for different types of golfers. Our blue tee is for the golfers who play a couple of times a year, they can’t hit far, etc. We have it set up for them so they can still enjoy the course. But then those who are really good players are still going to find this course to be tremendously challenging, especially if they play from our farther tees. I mean we’re talking 7,000 yards from the black [farthest tee] to the green tee. Then we’re talking 4,900 yards from the blue tee.”  The course is built for players of all kinds; no matter the age or sex.

What can be said of Eagles Landing? Its natural habitat is very inviting and welcoming; its location and view of Assateague Island is breathtaking; its grand landscape and rich course, but affordability is enough to make the non-golfer take up the sport. And last, but not at all least, its friendly and helpful staff makes this link course one of Ocean City’s finest.

Tip of the Day: Practice your short game; chipping and putting. A lot of people are fascinated in how far they can hit the ball, but 40% of the typical golf score is within 50 yards of the green.


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