Campfire on the beach

September closes the door on the lively summer season Ocean City offers, but October rings in a solitary, blissful time of year known by the locals as ‘Second Season’. Where the soft sandy beaches are quiet and sweeping, Ocean City still ensures an experience during the Fall that will fulfill your need for a beach getaway. Relish in a refreshing dip in the sparkling cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the wide-open beaches that have been warming up all year for you. ‘Second Season’ is a new awakening for Ocean City and is offering a variety of perks for travelers like you who want to relax, revitalize and recharge.

This Fall will offer endless events that will make your trip worthwhile. Right down the coast, alongside the inlet, is the home of the annual Sunfest — home to one of Ocean City’s most treasured events for 40 years and counting, happening from Sept. 30 - Oct. 3. With an abundance of art, food vendors that will make your taste buds dance, craft beer, and live music (both local and out-of-state), Sunfest is the perfect event to gather your families and friends to kick off the breezy October season. Cheers with your friends and enjoy a cold pour at the shore! The Shore Craft Beer Fest is making its annual appearance on Oct. 23rd at the scenic Sunset Park and is ready to serve you local brews that will make your stay in Ocean City a ‘hoppy’ one.

Steering away from the festival scene, cruise on down to see the annual Hot Rod Show Oct. 7 - Oct. 10 which is the ultimate event to experience a plethora of classic cars, trucks, customs and more. Just a week after, rev your engines for Corvette Weekend, which will be zooming around the corner on Oct. 15 - Oct. 17 downtown at the inlet.

Want to unwind and discover the once voted coolest small town in the country? Historic Berlin is just a short 15-minute drive outside of Ocean City and the heart for locally-owned shops, restaurants, breweries, and more. Experience all the perks this charming, quaint town has to offer.

Looking for complete isolation with whimsical, wild ponies that roam the beautiful lands and beaches of the Eastern Shore coastline? Assateague Island State Park is a short road trip right outside of Ocean City that will provide you with relaxation, trail hiking, and even camping! With vast, rolling sand dunes, scenic trails that overlook the park, impeccable views, and clear starry skies at night, Assateague is an optimal hangout spot for all who indulge in everything nature.

Since ‘Second Season’ is driven by a variety of happenings, you’ll need a place to stay! Luckily, with the area not being too crowded, Ocean City prices declining during this time of year will have you intrigued. You can save up to 28% off now through January 31st if you book at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront. We’re also offering discounts if you chose to book your stay at the DoubleTree Oceanfront, Quality Inn Oceanfront and the Hilton.  At our hotels, you will find all the amenities required for a serene experience. We offer luxury suites with full kitchens, large efficiency units with fully-equipped kitchenettes, and spacious guest rooms to choose from, most with private balconies featuring sweeping ocean views. Our indoor and outdoor pools will allow you to take in that warm Autumn sun and relax poolside with a book in one hand and a drink in the other.

Fall is prime time to indulge in a different kind of vacation than Ocean City is originally known for. Second Season will allow you to do more and spend less. Ocean City is a top-tier destination to get away from day-to-day life. Put your mind at ease and be pampered with luxury, comfort, and fun… because you deserve it!


Sand Sculpture

One whiff of that salty sea breeze, and all of a sudden, the warm days as a kid splashing around in the ocean and building sandcastles on the shore comes rushing back to you. There you are, filling up buckets with sand and running back and forth with water to aid in the creation of your masterpiece. Sculpting extravagant sandcastles is a childhood dream. How many towers could you build up? OH, and do not forget the mote!
But who says sandcastles are just for kids! Randy Hofman is a more

Planning your vacation to the beach has been a long time in the making. You’ve got the car packed, the playlist queued and you are ready to get a little Mud on the Tires out on the open road. Cruising into town, you smell the sweet aroma of the salty ocean breeze.

Vacation mode: Crushin’ It.

After soaking up the sun, Working on a Tan, it’s time to find your Southern Comfort Zone at the beach and create those special Little Moments you’ll never forget. Who’s ready to Start more

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Thinking of a fall vacation to OCMD? Please visit:

Maryland’s favorite beach destination, Ocean City, Maryland, is beginning to slow down from the busy summer season into the meandering warm days and crisp evenings that welcome late summertime and early Fall. It’s a wonderful time to wander the uncrowded beach in search of the perfect shell, go for a swim while the ocean waters are still at their warmest, or take a bike ride on the wide open 3-mile more

Fall in Ocean City, Maryland.

Take a good look at the above photo, the one of people enjoying the beach and ocean. The sun and the sand. That picture was taken in late October and those folks are doing the same things as they would in the summer just with more space to move around. If year’s past give us any indication, we are in for another beautiful Indian Summer. Indian Summer you ask, never heard of it? Simply the best way to describe it is ‘ahhhh.’  You would be surprised at the amount of opinions and more

Travelers love to travel, that’s why they do it. They also love a clean comfortable stay with their loved ones. It’s part of the whole travel experience. To be able to enjoy a region and it’s attractions while experiencing the comforts of home with the luxuries and wonder that a hotel property provides. And that includes everything from crisp pillow cases to an inviting lobby to a clean private oceanfront balcony to the accommodating in house restaurant to the manicured guarded more

With everyone spending more time at home we thought we’d share recipes from some of our restaurants most popular dishes. This week’s entry into the cookbook is from Marlin Moon’s Chef Gary Beach’s own sister’s recipe: ‘Sista’s Shrimp & Grits.’ We’re sensing a family theme here : )

Also in the cookbook is Harrison’s Harbor Watch’s Clams Casino, Gary Beach’s (of Marlin Moon) ‘Mom’s Shrimp’ and The Caribbean Pool Bar’s Banana Cabana (think rum). Please check back to catch all the more

coloring book

With schools being closed and all of us staying closer to home we thought we would create a coloring book for children (or kids at heart) to have fun with. Thank you and please everyone be safe. You can download the book here: Coloring Book

The cherubic winged infant pulls a love arrow from the quiver and draws back the bow, ready and aimed at you. But you’re gone and no longer in the crosshairs because you don’t need to wait for the cupid’s arrow to strike to come to your senses.

As far as big romantic gestures go, cards, chocolate, and flowers are certainly very common ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not to lessen the sentimental value those things (who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers?), but getting to watch more

Imagine giving up 55% of something that you’ve earned. Your paycheck, your house, your food, or anything else that you have worked hard to earn. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it happens every year with vacation time! In 2018, 55% of Americans left vacation time on the table. That adds up to 768 million vacation days unused with an average of $571 of donated work time per person. That’s time unused that could be spent with loved ones, on vacation exploring the world, or just being more

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