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As summer travel plans are being made and vacationers begin booking their trips to OC, there are a few important things everyone should know about Ocean City, Maryland, whether you’ve stayed before or this is your first time visiting our coastal town!

There are 146 cross streets that are numbered.

If you ask someone familiar with Ocean City or a local for an address, they’ll likely say something like, “It’s on 17th Street.” People who visit or live in Ocean City will often have a solid familiarity with the area, making it easy to navigate and find your way around.

The town is divided up into 3 sections: downtown, midtown, and uptown.

Downtown encompasses the entire boardwalk part of Ocean City from the inlet to 27th Street. Midtown is from 28th St. to 62nd St. – ending with the Route 90 bridge, and uptown is everything from the Route 90 bridge up to the Delaware line – 63rd through 146th St. Depending on your vacation itinerary, you probably won’t even need a GPS to get around! For instance, some people just follow the smell of Thrasher’s Fries until they find it.
Downtown is a vibrant hub of activity, with plenty of bustling bars and restaurants along the boardwalk and opportunities for people-watching. It’s the perfect choice if you’re seeking out the lively nightlife or to be at the center of the action. For a more relaxed, primarily beach-focused getaway, midtown and uptown offer the same access to vacation fun but with a quieter atmosphere. These areas tend to be more residential, giving you a chance to soak up the sun and enjoy a more laid back environment. Whether you prefer the bustle of downtown or the calm of uptown, Ocean City has something for everyone, no matter what type of vacation you’re looking for.

Ocean City’s seasonal divides.

The dates that define OC’s summer and what we call peak season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with most businesses (hotels, restaurants, summertime amusements) open and bustling with happy visitors. However, even during the shoulder months of April, May, September, and October, more vacationers are discovering the charm of visiting. Although some places may not be open during these months, there’s still plenty of fun to be had.
When planning a trip to Ocean City, keep in mind all of the anticipated annual events such as the OC Air Show, SpringFest & Sunfest, PBR Bull Riding, and the Cruisin’ car shows. During these bigger events, the town exudes an energetic buzz for thousands of visitors to take part in. Because of the influx in crowds these events bring, it’s always best to reserve ahead. So keep an eye on our events page, check your calendar, and make plans accordingly. Whether you’re looking for a lively event-filled vacation or a relaxing beach getaway, rest assured there’s a perfect date for you.

Notable event dates:

  • SpringFest:  May 4th-7th
  • Cruisin’ Ocean City: May 18th-21st
  • PBR Professional Bull Riding: June 2nd-4th
  • OC Air Show: June 10th-11th
  • Endless Summer Cruisin’: October 5-8th
  • SunFest: October 19th-22nd

The boardwalk rules.

Yes it does. But also, the boardwalk has rules. Ocean City is dedicated to maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for visitors and residents alike, including:

  • A smoke-free boardwalk with designated smoking areas along the beach and boardwalk
  • A well-groomed beach, with tractors that sift and rake the sand every morning to ensure safety for beachgoers
  • No overnight sleeping on the beach (see previous point)
  • Fireworks are prohibited beyond the displays for special occasions, with handheld sparklers allowed
  • Responsible drinking policy prohibits consuming alcohol in public
  • A pet-friendly environment with a year-round dog park on 94th Street and seasonal access to the beach and boardwalk—furry friends are welcome on the boardwalk from October 1st to April 30th.

Swim safely.

Given our name, swimming in the ocean is a memorable part of visiting OC, but it’s important to be aware of weather conditions for a safe and enjoyable experience. During certain times of the year, the ocean temperatures can be invigoratingly cool, reaching below 60 degrees. While this does provide a unique and refreshing experience for those prepared (see January’s Annual Penguin Swim), it’s recommended to stay dry during the late fall and early spring. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy!

Ocean City has two types of public transportation.

  • The main one is the Ocean City Beach Bus! If you want to leave the car at your hotel and avoid the hassle of parking, getting around is as easy as waiting for the bus. For $3, a Ride-All-Day pass allows you to… you guessed it, ride all day. The pass is valid from 6am to 3am the next morning.
  • The Boardwalk Tram runs the entire length of the boardwalk from the Inlet to 27th Street, which costs $4 per person one way. This service runs from May to the end of October.

Umbrellas and beach chairs are rentable during the summer.

Every three or four blocks, yellow or blue rental stands are set up along the dunes with dozens of chairs and umbrellas. You can skip lugging your beach gear over the hot sand and have one of the attendants carry your rentals to your spot. Most rental stands rent their gear for half the day or whole days, and some rent by hour or by week.

If you are traveling over the Bay Bridge, check the traffic cameras.

The Bay Bridge is notoriously busy during the summer with hours-long backups from accidents or just regular traffic. Your road trip to Ocean City might take longer than you think if you hit the traffic wrong.

The Assateague National Seashore and its wild ponies are only a few miles away from town.

Just across the inlet, Assateague National Seashore and State Park are a protected wildlife area, home to lots of wildlife and the iconic wild ponies, which were made famous by the novel, Misty of Chincoteague.
This barrier island is full of stunning beach views, wildlife and sea creatures, as well as recreations like camping and hiking trails. It’s a great escape from the busy Ocean City that’s only a few miles away.

Delmarva’s vineyard, brewery, and distillery industry is booming right now.

There are over 40 different vineyards, breweries, and distilleries all within an hour of Ocean City. If you love a good wine tasting or want to try specialty brews or liquors on vacation, you’re in the right place.

No trip to Ocean City is complete without having a crabcake.

If you’ve ever heard or tried of a Maryland Crabcake, you haven’t had a real one until you’ve had one in Ocean City. Crabs aren’t just food in OC – they’re a way of life.
If you are looking for a recommendation, Captain’s Table on 15th Street has one of the best crabcakes in town.

Wake up early for a sunrise at least once.

Ocean City is famous for beautiful sunrises. The peace and quiet with only the waves crashing as a soundtrack – It’s the perfect way to start your day.

Book early to save on your summer vacation.

Last, but certainly not least, you should book your summer vacation early in the year. Many hotels run pre-season specials giving early reservations discounts people would kill for during peak season.
Also, don’t forget to always book direct with your hotel, so you can take advantage of their specials and any rewards or membership perks


Captain's Table Lobster

Most people come to Ocean City for fun in the sun on the beach and boardwalk. But did you know Ocean City’s food scene is exploding with fun and fresh flavors? Just a few short years ago, while full of delicious seafood restaurants, Ocean City Maryland wasn’t particularly known for their food, but both the old and newly established restaurants are shaking it up and changing the dining scene in our resort town.

Captain’s Table

Located in Courtyard Marriott on 15th Street, more

ocean city winterfest of lights display

As the song goes, Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” and Ocean City is no exception. Nothing can quite beat waking up in a comfy hotel bed and then spending the day enjoying the beach, good eats, and festive treats. Christmas is a unique time in Ocean City as much of the town is quiet because it’s the middle of the off-season; however, despite the quiet, the town comes alive with Christmas cheer and festive traditions.


Stroll through the Winterfest of Lights. more

OCMD Hotels Winterfest of Lights

It may be the off-season when much of Ocean City shuts down, but this time of year the town comes alive with colorful light displays, Christmas events, and great holiday specials!

1. Winterfest of Lights
The Winterfest of Lights in Northside Park has become a Christmas tradition for locals and tourists alike. In fact, 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of Winterfest! Hundreds of lights displays are placed across the park for visitors to walk through and enjoy. It’s fun for the whole more

fall leaves

With the year coming to a close and Thanksgiving in just under a week, we wanted to reflect and share our gratitude for the many things that make Ocean City one of a kind.

1. Atlantic Hotel
Before most of the businesses we know and love today, there was the Atlantic Hotel. The first hotel of its kind on this once empty barrier island, the Atlantic is where it all started for Ocean City. We are incredibly grateful for their investment that paved the way for our resort town to more

OCMD Restaurants Thanksgiving Buffet AD

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means many people are planning their holiday weekend. Ocean City and neighboring towns offer so many fun and festive activities and traditions to spice up your Thanksgiving Weekend.

With the holiday now becoming nearly synonymous with Black Friday, we see thousands of people flock to the stores after their Thanksgiving feasts to shop for Christmas and take advantage of once-a-year discounts. Of course, Ocean City is no stranger to the hustle more


With the building of the Atlantic Hotel in 1875, Ocean City has seen millions and millions of tourists come and go. The town has a rich history, and much like any historical town, the oldest buildings have become legend with ghost stories and hauntings. 

Ocean City Life Saving Station

Built in 1878, the Ocean City Life Saving Station has seen many sailors pulled from wreckages in the icy cold Atlantic. Unfortunately, some of these sailors never saw land even after being saved, more

a lifeguard chair on an empty beach during a storm

It’s not unusual for Ocean City, MD to see a few hurricanes this time of year which usually cause beach erosion, forever changing our shoreline; however, the changes are generally small and imperceptible or fixed by the beach replenishment. Nonetheless, one storm in 1933 altered the geography and the town’s fate from a small fishing town that entertained a few visitors to the bustling resort town we know today that welcomes up to 8 million tourists yearly.

When the Atlantic Hotel more

Crowds flock to Ocean City in the summer, seeking warm beach vacations and all the activities and excitement a resort town can offer, but as the summer comes to a close, it gives way to what locals and visitors alike, call the ‘Second Season’.

The Second Season begins with Labor day and kids going back to school. Despite the summer season getting all the focus, the Second Season offers visitors something no other season can – beautiful weather with warmer water, fewer crowds, more

As we reach the midpoint of another exciting and beautiful summer here, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our unique hotel amenities available to everyone staying in season at our various oceanfront hotels throughout town, especially if you’re still thinking about booking for August! Of course, when you vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, you’re already surrounded by endless things to do. But what if you got more out of your stay? And for FREE? If you don’t already know about our more

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