Who doesn’t like a delicious ripened tomato grown in your own backyard? Sounds good, and there are so many ways to enjoy these summertime treats. Perhaps you’d like to slice it up and place it between two warm slices of toast with a little bit of mayo? A classic Eastern Shore ‘mater sammich.’ This is how self proclaimed ‘tomato nut’ Jim Hudson most enjoys a delicious ripe tomato. It would be wise to trust his seasoned tomato taste, as owner of Luke’s Premier Foods his company is the only one to produce tomato juice not from concentrate. He is also the only producer of a clear tomato juice which he calls ‘Tomato Nectar.’ “Not only does it taste great as a drink, it’s also great for cooking because you get all the flavor of a ripened tomato without the pasty consistency,” says Jim. On top of all that Luke’s Premier Foods uses only locally grown heirloom tomatoes grown right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!

We here at the Harrison Group & ocmdhotels take great pride with our welcoming hotels and restaurants that offer great food with unique dining experiences. We use Jim’s delicious homegrown juices at our restaurants to bring flavor to our dishes that is unique to Ocean City, MD. When dining in our restaurants you truly are experiencing the Eastern Shore, along with all it’s flavors, and we are proud to have Jim be part of that.

When asked how he makes Tomato Nectar, Jim is not too keen on offering up such valuable information. However, we were able to pry a few tasty morsels of info out of this industry expert. He says the time to plant tomatoes is ‘right now, when the soil is warm,’ and to ‘expect 90 days’ before being able to chow down on your tomatoes. He also offered that the key to delicious tomato juice is the perfect blend of heirloom tomatoes. Although, which kinds and how many remain a mystery‚Ķ

Most everybody says that his juice really tastes like your biting into a ripe tomato. To try a bottle of your own you can find Luke’s Premier Tomato Juice inside of the Hilton on 32nd st. in the Starbucks Kiosk, Ace Hardware in Salisbury or How Sweet It Is in Eden Maryland. A full list of places along with recipes and other great stuff can be found on Jim’s website: lukespremierfoods.com

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