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Maryland’s favorite beach destination, Ocean City, Maryland, is beginning to slow down from the busy summer season into the meandering warm days and crisp evenings that welcome late summertime and early Fall. It’s a wonderful time to wander the uncrowded beach in search of the perfect shell, go for a swim while the ocean waters are still at their warmest, or take a bike ride on the wide open 3-mile Boardwalk anytime of the day once again. We are so thankful for the beautiful beach here. Especially this summer. If you are looking for joy and normalcy, please be assured that our beaches and the Atlantic Ocean bring all of the feelings of joy and normalcy and suppress all of the anxieties that so many of us have felt this summer. AND we can tell you that it is very safe to have fun on the beach. There is plenty of space to physically distance and please feel free to go fishing, play in the surf, dig a hole, throw a frisbee, catch a tan… whatever your beach vibes tell you to do, go ahead, have fun, there is still plenty of warm summer days ahead.

It has proven to be a challenging time for many folks right now, particularly families with school-age children. Plus, many people are currently working from home remotely. Someone once said – “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” We understand that old saying sounds quite simplistic in comparison to the challenges people are experiencing, but a little positivity, a little fun, and maybe a little break in scenery could be just the ticket you and your family need this Fall season.

For most kids in Maryland, school begins this Tuesday. The 8th. Most will begin school virtually. All of our properties have free high speed wireless internet with many of our properties offering places for people to focus on school work or career work. Please check out for tons more info if you are considering coming to the beach while school, or work, is in session. There is also tons of information about hands on learning and living museums to apply your schools lessons to or expand your knowledge, and enjoyment, while spending time at the beach.

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