The Harrison Group does a lot of things and covers a lot of ground. Our business can be described in many, many, many ways. With that said, each employee specializes in different parts in the spectrum that is the Harrison Group. But simply put, we are in the business of making people feel welcomed and comfortable. Hospitality. That one word, for us, is top priority and when we do that, everything else falls into place. From the maids, to the painters, to the bellman, to the hotel managers, we all strive to be hospitable. But, there is one employee who shines a warmth and generosity that cannot be taught.

Ms. Hospitality herself, Director of Group Sales, Ruth Waters.

Ruth has been welcoming guests to Ocean City, MD for 30 years now. ‘Living the dream,’ as she puts it. With a deep love for Ocean City, Ruth goes to great lengths planning group trips and coordinating accommodations, dining, events and tour options for all her guests. And like all good hosts, she wants you to love and feel at home in her home. When guests come to town, she’s physically there to welcome them with a smile and a hand with their luggage. This past summer the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flight team stayed at one of our oceanfront hotels coordinated through Ruth. A team that stays at many hotels in many places. Their stay here was so enjoyable that their Flight Leader personally wrote her a thank you letter. When you’re getting fan mail from the U.S. Navy Blue Angles you know you’re doing something right. Ruth Waters truly is ‘Ms. Hospitality’ and we are so grateful to have her on our team.

So the next time you’re thinking of a group trip to Ocean City, MD please reach out to Ruth and her Group Sales team: 1-800-399-6820 or and please have a great weekend.

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