Red Bull Helicopter going inverted during the air show.

As in there will be planes in Ocean City.  June 8th through the 9th, Ocean City will be looking to the skies in awe as the 6th annual Air Show transcends.  There is nothing plain about this event with the nations top civilian performers demonstrating flight formations and cutting edge jet technology, this event is anything but for the birds!  The show is free and visible to those in close proximity to the boardwalk. Those seeking a more birds eye view, the Drop Zone and the Club Chalet offer premium viewing. At the Quality Inn 17th St., VIP tickets can be purchased for a panoramic view.  This highly anticipated air show is only two days and Ocean City is happy to celebrate another year.

Do not be down the Air Show is near and is capable of cheering anyone up, so bring those high spirits to celebrate another spectacular event in the never plain Ocean City.


Still feeling in the clouds about the Ocean City Air Show? Or need to convince a friend who is somewhat of a bag of wind? Feel free to broaden your horizons and learn more about the Ocean City Air Show .  The decision should not be in the air when it comes to seeing this show. 

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