Rum Pointe golf course

How much of an important element is Scott Cooper to Rum Pointe golf course? More importantly, is Rum Pointe made of rum? Unfortunately, it is not; however, Cooper is one of the more important factors to the course itself. The general manger, of six years, is not only one of the most knowledgeable managers of his course, but one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet.

The precision that went into the creation of the course exemplifies how this course is like no other. The course has one of the most revised layout blueprints from PB Dye. Rum Pointe is fundamentally your all-around links course. Because it is a links course it is more open and has a natural setting. Cooper notes, “There’s a couple of holes that are in the woods, but other than that we’re a regular styled links course.”

Not only are they a links course, designed by the father/son duo Pete and PB Dye, but it is the only course to have bent grass on both fairways and greens. Unlike some of their competitors, who have a mixture of different grasses on their courses, Rum Pointe even has bent grass from the tee to the green. Even their driving range is treated richly. Cooper is quoted saying, “Only during the winter time do we put out mats, but the driving range is made up of bent grass.”

As for the scene, which is exquisite, Cooper admits to a few houses resting near Rum Pointe. “There’s only about 7 houses on the course, but that’s about it. Number 16 is on the bay, but it’s not much of a housing community here,” he says. One of the houses bordering the course is the historical Rackliffe House, built in the 18th Century.

Once players reach the eighth hole they are in for a real treat. The view of the Sinepuxent Bay and Assateague Island is breathtaking. He went on to speak of how playing in a natural environment can give the sport an aesthetic feeling.

People looking to play a beautiful course with friendly and accommodating employees should definitely check out Rum Pointe!

Tip of the day: Play from the right tee box. A lot of players will play from a longer tee box when they really don’t belong there. It’s like someone playing from 400 yards when they should really be playing from 350 yards. They should play a more forward tee box. If you’re an experienced golfer that’s one thing, but when you’re more of a beginner or someone who doesn’t play frequently you have to know that playing from a farther tee box is going to be a difficult game for you.

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