It’s not quite winter yet. There’s been a few cold days thus far down here on the shore but nothing quite as harsh as last year. And who’s got time for it anyways? With Christmas right around the corner who’s got time for anything, let alone the weather? We’ve got shopping to do, eggnog to drink and Christmas cards to send! (We hope you received the Harrison Group’s card by the way)
With so much to do it’s hard to slow down and find time nowadays. The photo above goes out to all of those that are in this boat. This is a boat that is full speed ahead and doesn’t have time right now to relax in front of the Atlantic Ocean and take it all in. The World around us is changing constantly. Right in front of our eyes and that goes for the Ocean too. Only the Ocean, and everything around it, seems to change at an accelerated pace. From minute to minute and second to second, winds pick up, tides comes in, clouds pass, along with dolphins, winds die down, the waves lap and then your ear catches a fishing boat called ‘New Hope’ ringing it’s bell. That’s not dinner calling, it’s you snapping back to reality and realizing that you’ve got some ‘things’ to do. So, this photo is for you. It was taken from the hours of 3:30 and 5 o’clock p.m. yesterday. Yesterday was a calm day on the Atlantic.
There are a few things coming up that, if you can, you should try to find time for. Ocean City’s Winterfest of Lights is a splendid display of the season and home to the world’s best hot chocolate. Our New Year’s Packages that include delicious eats, magic, dancing, oceanfront accommodations… And, of course, the infamous and zany (it’s for a good cause) Penguim Swim is coming up after the New Year. Please check our ‘events’ and ‘specials’ page for more information on those events. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and good luck everyone! There’s only 6 (and a half) days before Christmas!

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