Ahhh, love. ‘Tis the season for it. Love is so very important in the world we live in. Without love, humanity simply would not exist, it is a fundamental part of being who we are and why we are here. Just the other day there was a big debate between Ken Ham and the ever popular Bill Nye the Science guy. They debated on the age old question/controversy of ‘why are we here and where did we come from?’ They both cordially argued their points and presented visual aids to support them but they neglected to see how simple it really is. The answer is LOVE. Before you, or me, or even Bill Nye The Science Guy was a twinkle in a father’s eye there was love shared between two people. It’s that simple. Love is the reason we are all here. It is where we all came from and like all things of uttermost importance should be celebrated. Now, let’s be realistic, where this love stuff comes from is still up for debate. Personally, i’m skeptical of the ‘cupid’ fella. It’s hard for me to believe this guy just floats around all day, with no pants on, shooting people with arrows. He’s bound to catch a cold that way.

Regardless of where it comes from or who gave it to us Love is special. And what better time to celebrate it than in the dead of the winter. It’s been a bit cold this year. More than usual, and if your lucky enough to have someone that’s close to you, make sure to let him or her know how you feel. Keep each other warm and be thankful of the love between you two. <3 Is how the kids say it nowadays. Less than three. And they are exactly right, it takes less than three people to find love. Clever little wippersnappers!

The Harrison Group understands why the Valentine season is so special. We offer many Valentine specials at our hotels and restaurants. We also understand that the present day economy should not be in love’s way. The following is a list of money saving, love making specials that you might be interested in: Holiday Inn Suites on 17th St. is offering a ‘Locals Package’ where a couple can share an oceanfront jacuzzi room and a gourmet dinner for 2 at Hemingway’s Restaurant for only $105. The Quality Inn Boardwalk is offering 2 night stays with champagne, a oceanfront room, $50 dinner voucher and more for $269. The most romantic restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, Reflections is offering a 3 course dinner for two with a bottle of wine or champagne for only $59! Please peruse this website for the full list of valentine specials and here’s to you having a happy valentine’s day.

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